For new international students

Arrival checklist

  1. Log in to Studentweb

    Log in with the 11-digit ID number and 4-digit PIN code that you received in your email. The codes will be sent before the start of the semester.  

  2. Register your semester address

    Register your Norwegian address as your semester address in Studentweb.

  3. Pay the semester fee

    International master's students must pay the semester fee, even if they're not taking any courses. Students on exchange from an NTNU partner institution will not need to pay the semester fee.

  4. Create your NTNU user account

    After completing step 1, 2 and 3, create your user account used to access NTNU systems, such as Blackboard and email

  5. Download student ID app

    Download your digital semester student ID, to your mobile phone, once you have paid the semester fee, registered in Studentweb and created your NTNU user account (step 4). The photo will show up in when your physical student card (step 6) has been produced in week 33.

  6. Collect your student card (when you arrive in Norway) 

    Use NTNUs online photo automat to create your student card and choose a PIN-code. In order to collect your student card, you will need to show your digital student ID app (step 5) as well as official identification, such as a passport.

  7. Register for courses and exams

    Exchange students and master's programme students must register for courses and exams in Studentweb before the September 15th deadline (Autumn semester), and the February 1st deadline (Spring semester). 

  8. Log in to Innsida

    You can log in the day after you activated your account (step 3). Innsida is your gateway to important systems and helpful articles about the university and services. The waffle icon in the upper left corner provides quick access to popular systems. Find articles via search or using the topic-link to the right of search.
    Watch intro video about Innsida

  9. Stay updated

    Regularly check your NTNU email and Innsida messages for deadlines, news and events. You will find messages from your lecturer in Blackboard once your lecturer activates the course e-room.

Exchange students:

Pick up your arrival confirmation, get your Learning Agreement signed, see how to extend your stay, and what to do when you leave.

Checklist 2 - Manage your stay

Steg 1Collect your residence permit, residence card or registration certificate

For students staying more than three months.

Steg 2Withdraw funds from the NTNU deposit account

Make withdrawals at the Office of International Relations.

Steg 4Apply for a national ID number

For students staying more than six months.

Steg 5Register your move to Norway

Register your move with the National Population Register, the Postal Services and StudentWeb.

Steg 6Open a bank account

After receiving your national ID number, you can open a bank account.

Steg 7Apply for a tax deduction card

If you have an income, you need a Norwegian tax card.

Steg 8Your Health

Access doctors, dentists and other health services for students.