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NB! These guidelines only applies for students at NTNU in Gjøvik

Norwegian version

Written examination (see course description) at NTNU in Gjøvik is arranged on the premises of NTNU in Gjøvik. This applies only to off-campus students in flexible programmes of study.

Guidelines for examination off campus #

Examination off campus must be described in the course description for the course in question, and in the programme description. Further, examinations off campus must be approved by the Director of Academic Affairs and Research.  

In addition, it is possible for students to apply for examinations to be arranged outside the premises, according to the following rules:

  1. Student residence (semester address) must be further than 200 kilometer from Gjøvik.
  2. Only university colleges, universities or embassies are accepted as external institutions and suitable location for examination. Private firms /work places are not accepted.
  3. The student is responsible for contacting the university college/university/study center/embassy, and the student is also responsible for getting confirmation that an examination can be arranged on suitable premises. The confirmation must contain the name of an examination officer, who is willing to follow the examination regulations at NTNU in Gjøvik. An application together with the confirmation must be sent to NTNU in Gjøvik within the following deadlines: 15 September for examinations in the autumn semester. 1 February for examinations in the spring semester.
  4. An examination coordinator must be appointed at the external institution, and the coordinator must be accepted by NTNU in Gjøvik. The coordinator is responsible for arranging the examination in accordance with the examination regulations at NTNU in Gjøvik. The answer paper must be written on NTNU’s official examination paper. Paper will be sent to the examination coordinator in time before the examination date.
  5. The examination coordinator receives the examination question paper from the Examinations Office at NTNU in Gjøvik at least one day before the actual examination date. The coordinator is responsible for handing the paper out to the student at the exact time the examination starts. As an alternative, the paper can be distributed through a digital classroom. Further, the examination coordinator must see to that no other means than those specified and permitted are used. During the examination period, the examination coordinator is also responsible for the student not being able to communicate with anyone else. When the examination period is finished, the coordinator is responsible for collecting the answer paper and sending it to NTNU in Gjøvik in the agreed manner.
  6. The examination must be conducted simultaneously with the corresponding examination at NTNU in Gjøvik. Please note that an examination can be arranged at a different time locally, depending on where the student is living (due to different time zones).
  7. If the student has any questions about the understanding of the examination question paper, this must be addressed to the person with course responsibility. The examination coordinator may contact the Examinations Office at NTNU in Gjøvik for further assistance.
  8. All expenses for arranging the written examination off campus must be covered by the student. These are expenses for the external institution, like examination coordinator, invigilators, postage etc. In addition, NTNU in Gjøvik will charge an administration fee of NOK 1500,- per examination, to be paid within given deadlines.

Application for written examination off campus and Statement Examination Coordinator #

The statement and application must either be sent to: Examinations Office, NTNU in Gjøvik, PB 191, N-2802 Gjøvik, Norway, or by email to eksamen@gjovik.ntnu.no within 15 September for autumn semester, and 1 February for spring semester.The Examination Office emphasize that applications without an attached declaration from the responsible institution for the examination will not be processed.

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