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XevoTQS #

Designed for the most demanding quantitative UPLC-MS/MS applications of knownbiological and chemical molecules in complex extracts and mixtures.

More about Xevo TQ-S

Synapt G2S #

SYNAPT enables extensive characterization of complex mixtures and molecules thorugh accurate mass, fragmentation (MS/MS) and ion mobility.

More about Synapt G2S

UPC2 #

UltraPerformance Convergence Chromatography (UPC2) is a designed chromatographic system that utilizes CO2 as a mobile phase to leverage the chromatographic principles and selectivity of normal phase chromatography while providing the ease of use of reversed phase LC. It allows the manipulation of fluids as gas liquid or supercritical fluids with a wide range of polarities and enables scientists to separate, analyze, and understand compounds that have challenged all other LC and GC technologies.

More about the ACQUITY UPC2 system

ASAP Probe #

A useful tool for the rapid direct analysis of volatile and semi-volatile solid and liquid samples using atmospheric pressure ionization. The ASAP technique utilizes heated nitrogen desolvation gas to vaporize the sample and a corona discharge for ionization. It is capable of ionizing low polarity compounds not amenable to ESI, APCI, and APPI at high sensitivity. It can also be used to analyze complex samples without the need for sample preparation or even chromatographic separation.

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