TDT71 - Game development

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Game Development

Course overview

  • Responsible: Alf Inge Wang. For more information contact (alfw@idi.ntnu.no) .
  • Work load: 3,75 SP
  • Start-up: 3.September 14:15 on Zoom: To join: https://NTNU.zoom.us/j/2103759977 
  • Goal: The couse focuses on three themes 1) Games, history and players; 2) Engagement and motivation; and 3) Game development. More specifically, the course includes a history of games, MMORPGs, Pervasive Games, Player types, how to make things fun to learn, gameflow, effect of using audio and points, exergames, scripting vs. emergence, requirement engineering for games, software architecture and game, and educational game design and evaluation.
  • Syllabus: The literature consists of several articles from various journals, magazines and proceedings. You can find the syllabus, and download the articles from the TDT71 wiki-pages.
  • Teaching approach: The course is taught through workshops where the students presents the article in the course followed by group work and discussions.
  • More information: More information and the articles in the course will be available at TDT71 wiki-pages
  • Exam: 26th/27th of November.
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