TDT28 - Computing Education Research

Målgruppe: Studenter

Computing Education Research – Autumn 2020

Teacher: Monica Divitini

The course is taught in English.

Contact the teacher if you want to enroll.

The course is offered in cooperation with Excited, the Norwegian Center for Excellence in IT education.

Workload: 3,75 SP 


The first meeting will be on Monday September 7th - kl.10-11. The meeting will take place in Zoom (The link will be distributed before the meeting to all the students registered for the course). Depending on the situation, we might consider meeting face to face for the ones who are comfortable with the option.

Information about the course syllabus and structure will be provided during the meeting.

Learning Goals

The course includes the study of challenges and approaches to computing education in different educational contexts, from computing education in schools up to the university level.

Students are expected to gain basic knowledge, competencies and skills needed to participate and set up research in the area of Computing Education:

  • Knowledge: Basic knowledge of research in computing education, with identification of main challenges and research trends.
  • Skills: Ability to apply the acquired knowledge as part of the student's specialization and master projects.
  • General competence: Ability to reflect over the subject in relation to the student's own work.


The literature consists of several articles from various journals, book chapters, and conference proceedings. 

Teaching approach

The course is taught through seminars where the students discuss the articles. Active participation is required

More information and the articles in the course will be available in the initial lecture.

Reading List/pensum

[To be defined at the beginning of semester] 

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