TDT17 - Visual Intelligence

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Visual Intelligence is another word for Computer Vision (CV) + AI/ML/DL

Teacher: Frank Lindseth

Methods covered

  • Basics (neurons, layers, networks and back-propagation etc.)
  • Image Classification (CNNs and backbones)
  • Object Detection (R-CNN++, YOLO++, SSD, etc.) and Tracking
  • Segmentation (Mask R-CNN, U-Net, etc.)
  • Depth estimation, super resolution and style transfer.
  • Generative models and CV
  • Reinforcement learning and CV
  • etc.

Application examples

  • Autonomous Perception
  • Medical Image Computing / Analysis
  • etc.

Classical and State-of-the-Art papers.



First meeting will be Wednesday September 2. at 14:15 - 16:00, digitally on Teams (can be replaced by physical meetings in the future), with regular meetings every second week after that. 

Those that have signed up will get an email later today regarding things that you can start to look at (different background - need for a common ground).

If somebody has not signed up and want to attend, or of if Wed 14-16 absolutely do not work out for you, let me know (frankl@ntnu.no)


Additional information will be provided at the first meeting.


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