Student thesis at NTNU in Gjøvik

Each department or programme decides the deadline for student thesis. Go to Blackboard for more information. Norsk versjon - Skrive bacheloroppgave ved NTNU i Gjøvik

The University Library #

The University Library at NTNU offers help to students writing thesis.

Surveys #

Many students use empirical methods with surveys in their bachelor’s and master’s thesis, projects and R&D-work, and want students and/or employees as respondents. To get respondents, it is recommended to use the channel at Innsida called «Forskningsstudier - deltagere ønskes».

Surveys may also be posted in the channels for all students and staff at NTNU in Gjøvik. Surveys to all staff at NTNU in Gjøvik must be considered as strategic important before permission is granted.

The surveys must contain: #

  • The survey must be part of a larger thesis, such as bachelor-, master- or phd thesis
  • The forms and questions in use must be quality assured by the supervisor.
  • The message following the questionare must be signed by both supervisor and the student(s).
  • In addition, the message must contain information about the intention of the survey, method and selection

Send an email to kommunikasjon@gjovik.ntnu.no and ask for help to post messages with surveys

Tool for managing surveys

Other channels you may use: #

  • Channel for each study programme at Innsida
  • Look up students in the cafeteria etc
  • Use social media

Printing your thesis #

For print and copy, contact The copy central

SVN-area #

You may get help to establish an SVN-area (version handling) on larger student thesis.

Send an email to orakel@ntnu.no if you have further questions

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