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On this site, employees and managers can find information about NTNUs agreement with external psychologist or counsellor services.

Norwegian version - Psykologtjeneste for ansatte

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NTNU has an agreement with Coperiosenteret (CS) in Trondheim for assistance to all employees in need of follow-up with a psychologist or supervisor due to work-related ailments. Employees can be covered for individual treatment or guidance for up to 10 hours and two hours of administration for minor mental health problems and/or reactions as well as stress-related ailments.

The offer presupposes that the ailments are work-related and that the manager decides that the unit has the opportunity to cover the costs. Work-related ailments are ailments that have their cause at work, are affected by the work, or affect the ability to work. The manager assesses in each case whether the unit has the opportunity to cover the costs of follow-up with a psychologist. The goal is to prevent sick leave and/or help the employee return to work. The manager, CS and NTNU's occupational health service (BHT) have a duty of confidentiality and safeguard the employee's privacy.

If the manager is unsure whether it is a follow-up with a psychologist that is appropriate for the employee, you can request an assessment from BHT. This can be advice to the manager by phone or consultation for the employee at BHT.

This is how you proceed as an employee if you want to talk to a psychologist or supervisor at CS #

  1. Contact your manager for a conversation about the situation. You can also contact BHT for advice and guidance if you are unsure of what you need.
  2. If the manager has the opportunity to cover the costs of treatment, the manager orders the service through the BtB system on Innsida and you receive a copy of the order form. You contact CS yourself for an appointment. Bring a copy of the order form for the first appointment with CS. The first conversation at CS is a conversation to map your situation so that you can get the best possible treatment.If CS can help you, you enter into a treatment agreement.
  3. You let your manager know when the conversations at CS are over.
  4. If you do not show up at the agreed hour at CS without having canceled two days in advance, you must pay for the unused hour yourself.
  5. If CS believes that the employee should be followed up further by BHT, CS must send a final report to BHT.

What managers need to do #

  1. The manager orders the service through the BtB system on Innsida. The description in the order must be "psychologist service up to 10 hours". Do not give the employee's name. The customer sends the requisition back to the manager, who in turn sends it to the employee. The employee books an appointment with CS himself.
  2. The customer sends the order to CS and the employee receives a copy of the order form which contains the order number, cost center, and to whom the invoice is to be sent.
  3. If there is a need for talks beyond the agreed number of hours, it must be agreed with you as the leader before the implementation of these.
  4. CS invoices the employer monthly.

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