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19.08.20: The procedure for ordering and approving visits to psychologist is under revision. If you have questions, please contact Eli Rognes Klepp

TEMPORARY CHANGE as a consequense of the corona situation #

For the time being, the following procedure applies for ordering and approving visits to psychologists://

1. Employees must talk to their manager for approval to visit a psychologist at the CoperioSenteret
2. The manager sends a confirmation e-mail to (copy to the employee)
3. Manager sends a requisition later
4. The employee contacts CoperioSenteret for appointment as before

On this site, employees and managers can find information about NTNUs agreement with external psychologist or counsellor services.

Norwegian version - Psykologtjeneste for ansatte

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NTNU has an agreement with CoperioSenteret (CS) in Trondheim, who provides assistance to all employees needing counselling and/or follow-up with a psychologist or counsellor due to work-related problems. The offer includes up to 10 hours of individual counselling or treatment for minor mental health problems and or reactions, and stress-related problems.

The offered treatment presupposes that the problems are work-related, and a decision by the manager that the unit (section/department/faculty) can cover the costs. Work-related problems are problems that are caused by work, that are affected by work or affect the working ability/ capacity. The manager makes an assessment in each individual case whether or not the unit can cover the costs for a follow-up with a psychologist. The aim is to prevent absence due to illness and/or contributing to the employee returning to work. Your manager, CoperioSenteret (CS) and NTNU’s Occupational Health Service (Bedriftshelsetjenesten) have a duty of confidentiality and will protect your privacy.

If the managers is unsure, whether or not a follow-up with a psychologist is what the employee needs, one may ask NTNUs Occupational Health service for an assessment. This may be advise provided to the manager by phone, or a consultation with the employee by the Occupational Health Service.

How to proceed if you, as an employee, wish to speak with a psychologist or counsellor at CS #

  1. Contact your manager to talk about the situation. You can also contact NTNU’s Occupational Health Service for advice and guidance if you are unsure what your needs are.
  2. If your manager can cover the costs for the treatment, you will receive a requisition. You contact CS yourself to book an appointment. The first meeting with CS is a dialogue and an assessment of your situation, in order to provide you the best treatment possible.
  3. You inform your manager yourself when your dialogue/treatment at CS is completed
  4. If you fail to attend your booked appointment with CS without having cancelled two days in advance, you have to pay for the unattended appointment yourself.
  5. CS sends a final report to by NTNUs Occupational Health Service, If CS finds that the employee should receive further follow-up

What managers need to do #

  1. You fill in a requisition in accordance with the text marked red in the example illustrated below. The employee books the appointment with CS himself/herself. Note: BtB cannot be used due to restrictions concerning health information and protection of privacy.
  2. If the employee is in need of further dialogue with CS beyond the agreed number of hours, this must be in agreement with you as the manager in advance.
  3. CS sends invoices monthly

Requisition #

The manager fills in the requisition, and the employee brings it with her/him to CS. Everything marked in red in the example illustrated below must be filled in by the manager, except the project number which is only filled in if necessary.

Contact #

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