Moving to NTNUs email services

Office 365 (email, OneDrive, OneNote Skype for business) for all students at the former colleges will now move to NTNU systems.

Norsk versjon Flytting til NTNUs e-post løsning

IMPORTANT– Transition to new Office 365 and email solution #

This information is for students from the former colleges HiST, HiG and Hials (hereafter known as HiX)

Choose your affiliation:

Student at former HiG (Høgskolen i Gjøvik)

Student at former HiST (Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag)

Student at former HiALS (Høgskolen i Ålesund)

New mailbox #

Until now you have had a mailbox at HiX, and received both old and new emails there.

During June, every student from one of the former colleges will receive a new, empty mailbox in NTNUs Office 365. The spesific dates are:
June 14th - Høgskolen i Gjøvik (HiG)
June 20th - Høgskolen i Ålesund (HiALS)
June 24th - Høgskolen i Sør-Trøndelag (HiST)

From these dates on, all emails sent to your HiX email address and your NTNU email address will end up in the NTNU mailbox. Your NTNU address was created back when you activated your NTNU account.

If you don’t remember your NTNU account information, please contact Orakel. If you have not yet activated your NTNU-Account, please do so immediately if you're going to remain a student at NTNU this coming semester: Get started as an NTNU student

From the dates above, you can access your new mailbox in your web browser, by adding the email account on your phone, or by installing Office 365 on your computer, tablet, or smart phone. See this page for guides: Email for students

What will happen to old emails? #

You will still be able to access your old HiX mailbox until the 12 September.

From the dates above, you will no longer receive any email in your HiX mailbox. Email sent to your HiX email address will not be rejected, but will be delivered to your new NTNU mailbox. This will continue even after the 12 September when access to your HiX account ends.

You can backup e-mail in your HiX mailbox before access to the mailbox end on 12 September. Back up and transfer emails and contacts

Another option is to forward emails from your old HiX mailbox to your NTNU mailbox. This is best if there are few important email to transfer.
Please note, you will not be able to send email to other HiX email addresses from your HiX mailbox after the dates above. Sending to external adresses or NTNU adresses will still work.

Email for users with both student and employee affiliation at NTNU #

If you are a student at NTNU, aswell as an employee, you will have these mailboxes migrated into 1.
See this article for info: Email for students with employee affiliation

What will happen with documents in my OneDrive at HiST? #

Your Office 365 from HiST will, just like your old email, be available until 12 September. If you have documents stored in OneDrive from HiST, and you want to keep these, you have to backup the files or move them to your new Office 365 before 12 Septemter. 

How to transfer OneDrive and OneNote files to NTNU Office 365 #

Relevant Microsoft guide

There are two simple ways to transfer your files from HiST Office 365 to the new NTNU Office 365:

Logging into your HiST account and download the files to a local folder (desktop, documents). Then log into your new NTNU account and upload the same files there. 

You can also Install the Office package containing the OneDrive client and OneNote, then login to both your HiST OneDrive account and NTNU account at the same time and transfer the files directly. When the files are transferred, you can disconnect your HiST account from OneDrive.

Contact #

Phone: 735 91500 Choose 1 for student.

Useful links and guides #

Instabart - NTNU student portal


Office 365

OneDrive Cloud storage

Skype for business

Forwarding emails from your studentmail

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