Logging hours in the Maconomy-portal

Download app for time sheets in Maconomy #

We recommend the app Deltek Touch for time sheets in Maconomy. Download the app in App Store (Iphone) or Play store (Android). See guide for set up and use.

Guidance for filling in timesheet in Maconomy portal #

  • Log on to Maconomy with your username and password.

Recording time #

  1. Select the week you wish to log hours for from the calendar (If the button Opprett is activ, select Opprett).
  2. The person that the time will be recorded for.
  3. Click on the page symbol for a fresh line.
  4. Type the project number you shall charge your time to, and press Enter.
  5. Select "Oppgave". Standard is set to "100 Prosjektarbeid". It can be changed to the other options in the menu. If you're in doubt about the right choice, ask the projects financial officer for guidance.
  6. Enter the number of hours worked per weekday anf press Enter.
  7. When you've completed recording time for the current week click on "Avlever".

  • The hours have now been charged to the project. If any of the projects on your timesheet demands the project leaders approval of time record, your timesheet will be routed to the project leader(s) for approval.
  • A short video example of recording hours (no audio)

Recording time

Change recorded time #

  1. If you need to change submitted timesheets, navigate to the week in question and select it.
  2. Select "Gjenåpne". If the button is not activ, select the hours you wish to change according to step 3.
  3. Update the timesheet in the same way as described under recording time. The timesheet should always show the actual number of hours for the day in question.
  4. When you've updated your hours for the week in question click the button "Avlever".

Change recorded time

Approving recorded hours - Project leader #

  • Select Oppgaver on the left side menu
  1. Click Godkjenn tid på prosjektet and choose the project with hours awaiting approval.
  2. Select Godkjent in the multiple choice menu in the colon Ny godkjennelsesstatus.
  3. Select Utfør godkjennelse.

Guidance video: Approving hours

Approving recorded hours

Rejecting hours - Project leader #

  • Select Oppgaver on the left side menu
  1. Click Godkjenn tid på prosjektet and choose the project with hours awaiting approval.
  2. Select Avvis in the multiple choice menu in the colon Ny godkjennelsesstatus.
  3. Select Utfør godkjennelse.

Problems logging on to Maconomy? #

  • If you get a message that your user account is locked or inactive, contact kontakt@okavd.ntnu.no for support.
  • If you experience other problems/errors or don't have an active Maconomy user, you'll find more information on the page Maconomy.
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