Equal Opportunities Committee at IBI

(Videresendt fra Equality Committee at IBI)

The Equal Opportunities Committee at the Department of Biology (IBI) aspires to create a more even gender distribution of employees.

Norsk versjon: Likestillingskomiteen ved IBI

Are you looking for something else?: Policy for Gender Equality and Diversity 2018-2021at NTNU

Objectives of the Equal Opportunities Committee at IBI #

The Equal Opportunities Committee will assist the management team by developing and implementing measures that in the short and long term lead to a more even gender distribution among employees, especially among permanent scientific positions. In addition, we want to promote measures to make IBI an attractive workplace for internationally recruited employees.

The committee shall prepare and assist in the implementation of:

  • Measures that make IBI more attractive to talented teachers and researchers of both genders, including those with an international profile, both in recruitment and retention, including work environment and career development.
  • Measures and procedures specifically aimed at recruiting and retaining skilled women.

Workshops organised at IBI #

We organised a Section Leader Workshop at IBI on the 22nd of October, 2019.

National experts were invited to hold plenary lectures and discussion was organised focussed for section leaders at IBI to improve gender equity in their respective sections. A full program can be found here: Official web site for the Section Leader Workshop at IBI

We organised a Gender Equality Workshop for all employees at IBI on the 24th-25th of September 2018.

International experts were invited to hold plenary lectures, the Gender Equality survey that was organised by the committee was presented, and group work was organised. A full program can be found here: Official web site for the Gender Equality Workshop at IBI

Members of the Equal Opportunities Committee #

Marianne Nymark (Researcher) marianne.nymark@ntnu.no  - Leader

Veerle Jaspers (Professor) veerle.jaspers@ntnu.no

Henrik Jensen (Professor) henrik.jensen@ntnu.no

Gunilla Rosenqvist (Professor) Gunilla.rosenqvist@ntnu.no

Aline Magdalena Lee (Researcher) aline.m.lee@ntnu.no

Ronja Wedegärtner (PhD candidate) ronja.e.m.wedegartner@ntnu.no

Johannes Völker (Postdoc) johannes.voelker@ntnu.no

Prashanna Guragain (PhD candidate) prashanna.guragain@ntnu.no

Relevant information #

Guidelines for the expert committee

What to do when you experience unacceptable behaviour

Click here for more information on what to do if you are subjected to unacceptable behaviour.

Click here for more information on what to do if you are subjected to sexual harassment.

Scientific literature

Loison et al., 2017: The domestic basis of the scientific career: gender inequalities in ecology in France and Norway

Carnes et al., 2015: Effect of an Intervention to Break the Gender Bias Habit for Faculty at One Institution

Casadevall & Handelsman, 2014: The Presence of Female Conveners Correlates with a Higher Proportion of Female Speakers at Scientific Symposia

Dutt et al., 2016: Gender differences in recommendation letters for postdoctoral fellowships in geoscience

Moss-Racusin et al., 2012: Science faculty’s subtle gender biases favor male students

Lincoln et al., 2011: Scholars’ awards go mainly to men

NTNU policy

Policy for Gender Equality and Diversity 2018-2021

Web links

Forskningsrådet: 12 anbefalinger og tiltak for å bedre kjønnsbalanse i akademia (only in Norwegian)

Promoting gender equality in academia and research institutions: Main findings
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