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The Electronics group at IFY offers service, development and construction of electronic equipment

The electronics workshop at the Department of Physics is a common resource for students and employees at NTNU.

The workshop is a part of Technical Services at the Department of Physics and offers repair and development of electronics and microelectronics. The group's expertise coupled with a well-equipped and functional workshop enable us to provide service, development and construction of electronics and other equipment used for teaching and research.

Norwegian version - Elektronikkverkstedet IFY

Services #

We offer general repair and development of electronics and microelectronics.

Contact us if you have tasks that you want resolved or wish for input of electronic solutions for your current setup. If you are unsure whether we can help, you are welcome to contact us for a conversation so that we can find a good solution together.

Tasks for the Electronics workshop #

Fill out the form for tasks #

Before receiving electronic equipment and appliances in the workshop, the form with the required information must be filled out and sent to us. We ask for documentation/service manual for items, possibly a sketch of the task and ask you to add this information with the completed form (pdf or link to a website with device specifications). Information on "kostnadssted" and "prosjektnummer" must also be provided in the form. The completed and submitted form is required before tasks are accepted and before work can be started.

Contact #

The Electronics workshop can be found in Realfagbygget D3-146. Employees in the workshop are Erling Kristiansen, Inge Sandaunet and Bertil Staven.

Contact: Bertil Olaf Staven Phone: 73593570 Email: bertil.staven@ntnu.no

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