E-mail for students with employee affiliation

Students with a long term employment at NTNU are being transferred to the e-mail solution for employees. Often, this introduces a number of changes, described in this article, that users needs to be aware of.

Norsk versjon - E-post for studenter med ansattforhold

E-mail for students with employee affiliation #

Today, there are two main solutions for email at NTNU, and users may only be registered for one of them.

Email for students #

The email solution for students not having an employee status at NTNU is Exchange Online. Exchange Online is a cloud based email service, and is as such fully integrated with the Office 365 suite.

Users of Exchange Online normally have email addresses as "username@stud.ntnu.no".

Email for employees and long time employed students #

The email solution for users long term employed by NTNU is Exchange On-Premises. Employees, and students with a long term employee affiliation at NTNU, handle their email through this system.

Users of the Exchange On-Premises system normally have email addresses as "firstname.surname@ntnu.no".

I have been employed at NTNU, what will happen to my email? #

Students being long term employed by NTNU are usually being transferred to the email solution for employees. They will therefore have to use email guides aimed at employeed. The user will usually be notified by email well before having their email account transferred.

No data will be lost during this transfer, including emails. The user will have to reconfigure their devices and applications in order to use email after being transferred.

Users in Exchange Online will receive emails sent to all their email addresses, but may only send emails from their primary email address (@ntnu.no) due to technical limitations. All the emails received will be stored in the same inbox, and the user will therefore not be able to log in to the student email solution.

Contact #

Contact Orakel Support services if you have problems.

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