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Background #

From the autumn semester of 2017 Blackboard Learn (Bb) is implemented as the new e-learning system (ELS) for students and lecturers at NTNU, replacing It´s Learning and Fronter.

All courses will use Blackboard as e- learning system at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (NV Faculty). It´s Learning and Fronter were closed for staff and students on the 15th of July.

Looking for something else? See theme page for employees about Blackboard

Blackboard courses at the NV Faculty  #

Blackboard courses  will be held based on your needs.
If you would like to attend a course, please notify the study consultant at your institute or Ida Johanne Ulseth at the Faculty. Remember to state the topic of interest. 

In addition to the instructions which are available on innsida there are now also a digital course covering the basics of Blackboard. It consists of 9 short youtube videos (1-4 min per video). Please take the online course before requesting additional courses.

E-learning resources and "sandbox" #

In order to get to explore Blackboard on your own there are e-learning videos, torturials and test-rooms (sandkasser) for you to use. Information about these resources are found on this webpage: https://innsida.ntnu.no/en/bb

User support at the NV Faculty #

The Orakel support services is responsible for first line support for all students and employees at NTNU. See the page “Blackboard – help for staff”.

Please contact the Department Executive Officer (instituttkonsulent) if you have questions regarding user access to course rooms or course language. User access to courses are given by the student registration system “FS” and gives information to Blackboard (Bb) several times a day.

There are three resources in the core team at the NV-Faculty that builds up the organization of Bb training courses and general implementation of the system at the Faculty. User support from the core Faculty team will function as a limited user support for the Departments, as long as demand do not exceed available resources. The Departments are divided into groups so the core team serves/supports individual Departments, if you have questions, please contact your Faculty contact. For those responsible for courses at the Department of Biological Sciences in Ålesund there will be user support available per telephone and email.

Contacts at the Faculty of Natural Sciences – core team: #

Tutor of the Department #

In order to offer each staff sufficient support in the start-up of this system, each Department have a tutor that is an academic staff that might be able to assist you if questions. Many of the tutors have experience with using Blackboard, please use the local contact also for questions. 

Can assist through:

  • Showing colleagues how they used the system
  • Assisting during training and answer questions from colleagues
  • Assisting the Faculty in adapting course contents to the use of the departments
  • Participating on the department’s course day as support
  • Facilitate/organize sharing experience among staff at the Department

The tutors have a limited timeperiod for function from 1st March 2017 till 1st March 2018, estimated time for this work is 3 hours/week.

Tutors #

Department administrative support #

If you have questions regarding user access to course rooms or course language:

List of pilot users in phase 2.

Available resources #

Please visit Blackboard Help for staff

  • NB! Nano-courses are short, visual instructions that show you the A – Z of Blackboard.
  • The demonstration course “BB1001 – Course design in Blackboard”: Log into Blackboard and enter the “Home” page, then enroll for the course.
  • Information material to the students
  • Pilot courses from phase 1 and phase 2 at the NV-Faculty
  • “Sandbox” (testing environment) for the Faculty of natural Sciences
  • Workshops at the Course Portal – for those with some experience using Blackboard 

BlackBoard Learn introduction for Student Assistants #

See introduction for Student Assistants (pdf)

Get started with course design #

When you log in to Blackboard you will find a link called ”Meld deg på!” (Sign up!) that will sign you up for a course for employees "NTNU: BB1001 – Course design in Blackboard".
In "BB1001" you can find more info about other training resources and a new discussion board where you can share experiences with others. Note that "Bb1001" replaces "The pilot network in Bb" from 1 March 2017.

Temporary storing of data #

The Faculty of Natural Sciences implements a solution for all institutes, with temporary storage solution on the server, with one folder for each institute and subfolders for each course code. In this way we do not lose content of a course that either will be offered by another teacher next semester or other cases.

Saving data #

Folder on server for archiving documents from It’s Learning and Fronter is available at:



(for those that do not have T: on the computer) The folder is accessible for all persons in connection to the Faculty. 

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