Travel during COVID-19

Avoid unnecessary travel, both in Norway and abroad

NTNU follows the advice from Norwegian government agencies to avoid unnecessary travel, both in Norway and abroad. See the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for travel abroad.

Use of public transport

All travel by public transport is discouraged, unless it is strictly necessary in order to get to the workplace or campus. Consider cycling, walking or using other means of transport, if you can. If you need to travel by public transport, wearing a mask is recommended, especially during peak periods. Read more about the use of face masks [link to “Attendance on Campus -> Use of face masks”].

Quarantine requirements  for people entering Norway

More information about quarantine is available on the web pages of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI)   

The following applies to presence on campus for people travelling for work purposes who are exempt from quarantine:

  • Must use a face mask while working.
  • Must not use cafeterias and communal kitchens/lunch rooms
  • Must limit their presence in common areas as much as possible and use fixed routes into/out of the buildings, toilet facilities, etc.

The contact person at NTNU is responsible for:  

  • Risk assessment of the work to be performed. Service/maintenance work that requires personnel from abroad must only be carried out if the work is absolutely necessary to maintain mission-critical operations. The assignment and financial cost/risk must be clarified with the Head of Department in advance and must be approved by the Dean.
  • Checking that all relevant requirements in the regulations have been followed
  • Meeting the person on their arrival and clarification of accommodation
  • Follow-up. This applies throughout the stay.
  • To provide information about infection control measures in effect in Norway and relevant guidelines at NTNU.


  • If you have any questions related to this guideline, please send an email to 


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