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Zoom is a high-quality tool for web conferences that can be used for real-time online lectures, online meetings and tutoring. Teachers and students are online and attend the conference at the same time.

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Zoom allows students to follow real-time lectures, seminars, and guidance with both audio and visuals. They can also see other learning resources, such as movies, documents, pictures, etc., shared by the teacher or other students. Students can also ask questions through Zoom's chat feature during a lecture. Students also have access to their own conferences for colloquiums.

External lecturers and course participants can participate in online lecturing / meeting but they cannot own or have HOST role via login. If HOST role is needed, it can be given by NTNU staff / teacher.

Go to Zoom Video Conferencing for NTNU

Both employees and student can create a Zoom user by signing in with NTNU Feide. You will find "Sign in" in the upper right corner. 

Zoom in Blackboard

Zoom is integrated in Blackboard. Set-up of online teaching and meetings can be done inside the course in Blackboard, and is then available only to the students in the course. Search for Zoom in Blackboard support by pressing the support button inside the subject , or go directly to the guides Zoom i Blackboard : Les dette først  og Slik legger du til Zoom i Blackboard 

Download Zoom

Latest version of Zoom can be downloaded here:

Zoom also works good on mobile devices and tablets:


  • Zoom can have up to 500 simultaneous participants and show up to 100 of these with video of which 50 participants can be viewed simultaneously.
  • Both NTNU staff and students can set up web meetings with 300 participants and employees can request 500 in the same meeting.
  • You can share content in HD resolution at 30 fps and system audio.
  • Suitable for external parties, Zoom works on all platforms and only host need to have NTNU user.


One user can only host one meeting at a time. You can be owner of multiple planned meetings, but you can not run these at the same time. This means that meetings should not be set up by assistants, but by the lecturer themselves. 

System requirements

  • Network connection: Broadband cable or wireless (3G or 4G / LTE) It is highly recommended to use wired network where possible.
  • Speaker and microphone: Built-in or USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth headset.
  • Webcam or HD webcam: Built-in or USB plug-in.

Client / App / Web Solution

  • Desktop: Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Mobile / Tablet: iOS, Android, Blackberry
  • Browser: Google Chrome, Vivaldi


Zoom is still in pilot at NTNU, and is therefore not supported by Oracle Support Services. The Multimedia Center can help you get started, but you can also find great English guides at Zoom Help Center.

Recommended equipment

If you have a newer PC or Mac, the camera in your device will probably be good enough. For recording of sound, we always recommend using a headset or a podcast microphone. This is because the sound always is the most important part of a video meeting, and built-in microphones will often pick up a lot of noise. If you have no alternative available, we recommend finding a quiet room to conduct the meeting.




We recommend you do the recording in a well-lit area to make the recording.

You can use the same equipment for your Zoom conferences that you use in other online conferencing solutions. You can buy equipment in NTNU's online store.

Best practice in video meetings

Video conferencing best-practices

Before the meeting

We advice you to always test the microphone, speaker and camera before the lecture. Zoom is good at guessing which equipment to use, but in some cases it will be necessary to choose the right device.

You can attend a test Zoom meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom and test the equipment before joining a Zoom meeting. 

Run a test at Zoom.

Recording a Zoom meeting

You can record a Zoom meeting on your own machine.

Join a Zoom meeting from Skype for Business or a Skype room

To attend a Zoom meeting from Skype For Business you can use the zoom meeting ID @


All meeting invitations from Zoom will also include this link so participants can easily join from Skype For Business. We still recommend downloading the Zoom client to attend Zoom meetings for full functionality and best experience.

Using Zoom without the client

If you do not have the rights to install Zoom client on your machine, it is possible to use a web client. This does not support full functionality, but you get basic features like audio, picture and chat. We always recommend using Zoom Client if possible.

Zoom webinar

NTNU has 15 licenses on the Zoom Webinar 500, and 2 licenses on the Zoom Webinar 1000. If you need to use one of them, please contact the NTNU Multimedia Center.


A larger pilot is now run at NTNU, where equipment is installed to use ZoomRoom in several auditoriums and classrooms. In these rooms, Zoom is integrated into the AV installation. See how ZoomRooms works (YouTube).

Fully integrated ZoomRooms

Auditoriums for 150-200 students

  • Øya - Kunnskapssenteret - Auditorium KA11 
  • Gløs - Sentralbygget - Auditorium S2
  • Gløs - Sentralbygget - Auditorium S3 
  • Gløs - Kjelhuset - Auditorium KJL1 
  • Ålesund - Hovedbygget - Brosundet

Smaller classrooms

  • Gløs - Realfagbygget - Klasserom R6 
  • Øya - Nevro øst - NSU2
  • Gjøvik - Helvin - E208
  • Gjøvik - Smaragd - S310

Active learning areas

  • Gløs - Sentralbygget - S21
  • Gjøvik - B110
  • Ålesund - F415


Zoom is still in pilot at NTNU, and is therefore not supported by Oracle Support Services. The Multimedia Center can help you get started, but you can also find great English guides at Zoom Help Center.

Zoom is provided by NORDUnet through Uninett in Norway.

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