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Zoom - download and install

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This is how you download and install the programme or the app on your PC, MAC, Linux or mobile device.

Norvegian version - Zoom - last ned og installer

Download Zoom to your device


Mobile telephone and tablet

Zoom works really well on mobile telephones and tablets:

Log in to Zoom

  1. Open the programme that is downloaded.
  2. Log in by choosing “Sign in with SSO”.
  3. On the next screen the domain is "ntnu.zoom.us" - klick "Next".
  4. You will then be sent to Feide login where you log in with your regular NTNU username and password.


Log in with username and password.

After logging in

You are now all set to use Zoom. Zoom will remember your login details on the machine where you have installed Zoom, until you log off Zoom.

See user guide for Zoom

Contact and help

Send your enquiry to kontakt@lss.ntnu.no

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