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Software information #

X-Win32 makes it simple to make different types of X Windows connections (XDMCP, REXEC, SSH, etc.) to remote Linux and Unix servers. It uses the graphic interface X-windows and associated software from a Windows computer.

License information #

Site license: Available to all students and employees.

Used by some faculties at NTNU.

Note that the program can only be used for academic work and not for commercial work.

Download/Install/Run: #

Using the program #

The X server is started from All Programs --> X-Win32 --> X-Win32. When the program has started, an icon will appear in the bottom right on our screen, on the toolbar. By clicking this icon we will get a few different options, including Help. For more help, see StarNet Knowledge Database

Setup of a connection is done by starting the X-Config from the same menu the program is started from, or by right-clicking the X-Win32 icon we talked about before, and choosing X-Config. All settings can be done in the X-Config interface. An instance of settings are saved as a Connection

A Connection can be changed by choosing Edit in this window. Setting up a connection is done by right-clicking the X-Win32 icone in the toolbar and choosing a Connection we have made, or choosing Connection and then Launch in this window.


As long as the computer you want to connect to is configured with support for x-forwarding, you can log into the computer and run programs through SSH. You can use X-Win32 to set up an SSH connection by doing the following steps:

  • Use the X-Win32 wizard, and choose SSH as Connection Method
  • Choose a name for the connection. 
  • Press Next, and write in the hostname for the server. (ex.
  • Press Next, and enter your NTNU username and password.
  • Press Next, and choose operating system. Press Finish
  • Click the icon that was added to the list, and choose Launch to start a terminal.

You can also choose to simply run the X-server and use a different SSH client than the one bundled with X-Win32. Most SSH clients will support x-forwarding.

Error messages #

If you get an error message saying the following;

Xlib: connection to "localhost:16.0" refused by server
Xlib: Client is not authorized to connect to Server

it's because the machine you're trying to connect to is trying to connect to your X server, but is unable to authorize it. The solution is to add the machine to the X-Host list. You can find this list under the Security drop down menu in the X-Win32 Configuration window.

Screen Shot #

Mark the option Screen Shot when you right click the X-Win32 icon. 

You can take a screen shot of either the entire screen, a spesific area, or a window. The screen shot can be printed, added to the clip board, or saved as a file in the .PNG format. Note that you can take a screen shot of everything on the screen, not just the windows from the UNIX machine you have access to through X-Win32. For more information about screen shots, see HELP.

Supplier information #

Manufacturer: See more about X-win 32 at StarNet Communications

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