Workshop at IKP - Monteringshallen

Information about Monteringshallen/The Workshop at the Department of Chemical Engineering

Monteringshallen/The Workshop at IKP offers the following services:

  • Mechanical and electrical assembly of laboratory equipment
  • Perform changes to existing laboratory equipment
  • Installation of gas lines
  • Construction of safety enclosures
  • Assist in the planning of major projects

We have a well-equipped workshop to ensure that we can solve most mechanical and electrical issues, and we have an assortment of Swagelok pipe fittings on hand as well as aluminum profiles and other materials.

Contact information #

"Monteringshallen" can be found in Kjemihall, Floor 1, 155.

Employees at the workshop are:  

Staff Engineer: Ketil Torset Helland

Staff Engineer: Erland Strendo

Opening hours #

12:00-15:00 Monday to Friday

Order of Technical services  #

Order form of Technical services

After you have filled out the form please contact us for a meeting so that we can discuss the details of the job.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us by email, phone or come by the workshop during opening hours.

Prices #

The cost of technical services is based on hours worked and the use of materials and equipment.

Hourly rate for internal customers is 500 NOK.

Hourly rate for external customers is 1195 NOK.

There are separate prices for customers who have institutional arrangements.

HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) #

A risk assessment must be carried out before any work will be started, and all equipment must be depressurized, emptied and thoroughly cleaned.


HSE at NV / HMS ved NV (in Norwegian)

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