Work Environment Survey - Questionnaire

This page offers practical information about the questionnaire to be completed in connection with the Work Environment Survey.

Norwegian version: Arbeidsmiljøundersøkelsen – spørreundersøkelse

Work Environment Survey - for employees | Work Environment Survey – for managers | HSE topics page | Psychosocial work environment

Who is participating? #

  • Everyone whose primary workplace is at NTNU, i.e. staff holding at least a 40% FTE position at their NTNU unit as of 1 September 2019.
  •  Employees who have at least 40% FTE positions in two places at NTNU will respond to the survey where they hold their main position, but should be invited to the follow-up meetings in both places.

Distribution #

  • All employees will receive an e-mail with a personal link to a questionnaire from NTNU’s ARK intervention programme (Work Environment and Climate Surveys) on 4 November 2019.
  • The link should not be shared with others as this will lead to multiple replies under the same name, which will cause the responses to be rejected and deleted.
  • If any employees have not received an email or have problems with the link, they should contact the resource person for their unit. A list of resource people can be found at the bottom of the Work Environment Survey – for managers web page.
  • Reminders will be e-mailed after one week and after two weeks to individuals who have not responded.
  • The deadline to respond is 24 November 2019.
  • The questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete.
  • If you are interrupted while filling out the questionnaire, you can open the link again later and continue where you left off.
  • Once you have pressed "Done," it is no longer possible to change your responses.
  • You can request to receive a copy of your responses by e-mail.

Overall NTNU results and faculty results will be published in January 2020.

Anonymity and use of results  #

  • While the survey is in progress, it is only possible to obtain a response rate. 
  • One week after questionnaire response deadline has passed, the link between the individual e-mail address and the questionnaire responses will be deleted.
  • It is not possible to produce reports for less than five respondents. 
  • Background variables like gender and age, will only be used at the NTNU-level.
  • NSD (Norwegian Center for Research Data AS) has considered that the processing of personal data is in accordance with the Personal Data Act / GDPR.
  • Data from the survey is stored in a database at the HUNT databank. This makes it possible to compare NTNU results over time and with the sector in general.
  • Data in the database is also available to researchers. They are required to describe what they want to use the data for and are only provided with anonymized data. You can read more about current research and how this works here: (in Norwegian only).
  • The survey report for NTNU as a whole will be published on the NTNU website.
  • Results will be archived in ePhorte with the unit’s management team as recipients.

Survey Questionnaire Reports #

  • NTNU will receive reports for all units defined as response units.
  • Reports will be prepared for job categories at the Faculty level and for NTNU as a whole.
  • Overall NTNU results and Faculty/Department results will be published in January 2020
  • The results will include the response rate and number of employees who participated in the survey.
  • Background variables such as gender, age and job categories are onely used at the NTNU-level. 
  • The largest departments can receive additional reports broken down by job categories.
  • The result reports show the average values and the standard deviation of staff responses to the survey themes. 
  • Reports for the faculties/central administration will be discussed in management groups, boards and LOSAM.
  • Reports for the individual units will be distributed in paper form at the follow-up meetings of each unit.

Access to result reports  #

The reports from the survey questionnaire will be presented for the unit at the follow-up meeting. 

The reports reside in ePhorte with the unit manager as dossier manager (U.Off.). The head of the unit, the line managers and the resource person for the faculty / department have access to the documents.

The manager / resource person can find their report in ePhorte by searching according to the examples below:

  • Ex. 1: Work Environment Survey 2019MH ISM HUNT (i.e. abbreviation for faculty, institute...).
  • Ex. 2: Work Environment Survey 2019 FADM BU UK LSS (i.e. abbreviation for central administrative LOSAM area, department...).
  • If you are unable to find the report, contact the resource person for your faculty / department for help.
  • Tip: If you only find the PDF version, click on the report name to bring up the PPTX presentation format.
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