WinZip is a program for simple handling of compressing and decompressing files.

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Available to #

WinZip is available on computers at the university, and can not be installed on students' or employees' private computers. The software is available for Windows.

Installation #

How to get the program #

Consult your local IT Support to get the program.

License #

NTNU has a license for 2000 users. This includes the computers on NTNU's network.

Software information #

WinZip can handle a variety of compression formats, not just the .zip format. These are:

  • ZIP (.zip-filer) NOTE! Support for .ZIP is included in the program, but if you want to use advanced options, PKZip is required to be installed. NTNU has no license for PKZip.
  • ARJ (.arj-files, requires ARJ installed separately).
  • LZH (.lzh-files, requires LHA installed separately).
  • ARC (.arc-files requires ARC installed separately).
  • TAR (.tar-files)
  • GZIP (.gz-files)
  • Unix compress (.Z-files)
  • BinHex (.hqx-files)
  • UUencoded
  • XXencoded
  • MIME

The program has support for 'drag-and-drop', which make it easy to drag files from the explorer into WinZip, and the other way around. WinZip integrates with the explorer in a way where you can pack and unpack files without leaving the explorer.

WinZip also includes 'WinZip Self-Extractor' which enables you to make self-unpacking files. This is practical if you need to pack a file, but you don't know if the person on the other end has software to unpack them.

Contact #

If you are an NTNU employee, consult your local IT Support for questions and help with this software.

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