Who does what in EPT Administration

The alphabetical topic list below will help you find the right person to help employees and students at Department of Energy and Process Engineering (EPT). Here is the full contact information for all of us in the EPT Administration and IT Support.

  • Still can't find anyone to help solve your problem? Send an email to ept@ept.ntnu.no 
  • The link to this list is also included to the shortcuts/links you'll find to the right of the messages on Innsida.

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Who does what in EPT Admin
Topic  Persons and other sources
Admission control to buildings and labs Anita Yttersian, Nina Laumann 
Blackboard   Nina Laumann, Anita Yttersian 
Conferences Debbie Koreman v d Bergh 
Contracts/Agreements (Economy) Gunhild Valsø Engdal, Camilla Ackermann
Door signs Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Megan Norris, Ingrid Wiggen
Duty work – contracts and follow up Tove Rødder
ECCSEL ERIC Debbie Koreman v d Bergh 
E-mail lists Anne Lise Berg
“Emner på nett”  Anita Yttersian, Nina Laumann, Wenche Nygård
EU framework programme Camilla Ackermann
Evaluation of courses Nina Laumann 
Exams Anita Yttersian
Explanation of grades and appeals Nina Laumann 
FMEs Birk v B Fiveltun 
Guided tours in labs Maren Agdestein
Hiring process Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Megan Norris, Ingrid Wiggen 
Holiday leave / vacation Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Megan Norris, Ingrid Wiggen, info on Innsida
Invoices Marianne Trælnes
IT support Anne Lise Berg, Eugen Uthaug 
Jubilees Debbie Koreman v d Bergh
Keys Anita Yttersian, Megan Norris, Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Ingrid Wiggen 
Master assignments Anita Yttersian
Office furniture  Trond R Kvilhaug 
Office space Tove Rødder 
Office supplies  Marianne Trælnes
Order items and services Marianne Trælnes
Order of Chemicals Alexander Mosand 
Order of flowers Marianne Trælnes
Order of lunches  Marianne Trælnes
Order of hotel  Marianne Trælnes
Order of travel(for guests)  Anita Yttersian, Marianne Trælnes
PCs and PC equipment  Eugen Uthaug, Anne Lise Berg 
Personnel administration PhDs Ingrid Wiggen 
Personnel administration: Post.docs, researchers, associate
professors, professors and adjunct
professors, vit.ass 
Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Megan Norris
PhD agreement Wenche Nygård, Trond R Kvilhaug, info and form on Innsida 
PhD defence Wenche Nygård, Trond R Kvilhaug
PhD – practical info  Wenche Nygård, Trond R Kvilhaug, info on Innsida 
Photos of employees Maren Agdestein, booking for photo appointment
Printers Orakel: (735) 91500orakel@ntnu.no
Project assignments (studies) Anita Yttersian 
Project budgets Tonje K Fredriksen, Jannike Vaag Kvendset, Gunhild Valsø Engdal, Camilla Ackermann, info on Innsida 
Project reports Tonje K Fredriksen, Jannike Vaag Kvendset, Gunhild Valsø Engdal, Camilla Ackermann
Research Project Management Camilla Ackermann
Requisitions Marianne Trælnes, Anita Yttersian 
Sabbatical leave Tove Rødder, info on Innsida
Safety Representatives  Nina Laumann, Debbie Koreman v d Bergh, info on Innsida 
Salary  Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Megan Norris, Ingrid Wiggen
Student assistants Nina Laumann
Student contact Department office, Anita Yttersian 
Submitting your doctoral thesis Wenche Nygård, Trond R Kvilhaug, info on Innsida 
Tender (in No: anbud) Marianne Trælnes
Travel claims employees Service centre phone: 73 41 31 40, travel info on Innsida
Travel claims guests Anita Yttersian, Jannike Vaag Kvendset 
Vacation / Holiday leave Guro Hoel Sjøberg, Megan Norris, Ingrid Wiggen, info on Innsida 
Web and social media Maren Agdestein, Anne Lise Berg 


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