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Here, you can find out how to order video courses through the Levende bilder project. Please read the information below before you contact the project to order services.

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Courses in video production and editing  #

What does this service include? #

Courses in video production and editing are a low-threshold service to improve your ability to communicate using film. We offer different types of courses as needed – everything from smartphone video courses to more advanced courses on larger video cameras. The length of the courses will vary according to your needs. For example, a smartphone video course will take one full day, while courses on larger video cameras may last several days. 

How does it work? #

To set up a video course, contact us at Levende bilder. We will map what you already know and how we can help you to improve your video skills. We will keep in touch through a contact person (often the person responsible for communications at your department) who will coordinate other course participants from the same faculty/department, rooms and any equipment needed. The group size for the courses must be fairly small – from four to eight people – so that they can gain the best possible benefits from the course.

What will you achieve in the course? #

The video course will help you to improve your skills in video production and telling stories through live images. For example, you can use video for communicating your research as well as on social media and video blogs. A professional looking video will make it easier for you to reach a wider audience. You will also be able to use your skills when you present your research at seminars and conferences, or publish on social media or other platforms. Theory and practical content will give you an opportunity to try out different ways of using images in motion. You will also learn the basics of film editing in WeVideo or Adobe Premiere.  For video courses using a smartphone, no previous video experience is needed, while courses using larger video cameras will require some previous knowledge such as the video course using a smartphone. 

The road ahead  #

After completing the course, you will later have the opportunity for follow-up and reviews of your productions. We will help you to make them even better, and provide a more advanced course if desired.

GDPR in Levende bilder #

A general rule in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is that everyone who is photographed or included in video or audio recordings must give their consent in writing. An electronic consent form must be completed, and it is available here: Consent form.
It is therefore very important that users of streaming services and one-day courses in video production and editing from Levende bilder read the regulations and guidelines that apply to this.

For more information about GDPR in photos/video/audio recording and the rules and exceptions in effect, see: Samtykke ved foto - video - lyd (Consent in connection with photos - video - audio) 

To book an appointment, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

Contacts: Synnøve Aune, Thomas Høstad or Geir Wennberg


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