Students and employees may need to be vaccinated in conjunction with international travel and specific work situations.

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International travel #

You should check well in advance if you must be vaccinated to travel to or through specific countries.  You can find a list of countries and associated vaccination requirements on this vaccine map (in Norwegian).

You can be vaccinated at the following locations:

Specific types of work #

There may be specific vaccination requirements that are associated with your job responsibilities, particularly if your work exposes you to:

  • Human tissue that might risk your infection with Hepatitis B: you will need a vaccine for Hepatitis B
  • Live animals and/or soil: you will need a vaccine for tetanus.
  • Wastewater and/or sewage: you will need a vaccine for diptheria, tetanus, polio and Hepatitis A (Hepatitis B).

A risk assessment of the workplace is necessary to decide who should be vaccinated. Contact the Occupational Health Service to get an appointment for vaccination and a targeted health check. You will need to fill out a vaccination form and bring it with you when you are vaccinated. You should also bring your vaccination card if you have one, or print a list of your vaccinations from Mine vaksiner on the Institute of Public Health web page (In Norwegian). 

Contact #

Approval/signature #

Approved by Director of HSE - January 27th 2016 - HMSR52E - ePhorte 2016/3901


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