University Education Committee

Mandate for the University Education Committee (UU)

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Purpose #

The Committee is to discuss and clarify relevant issues and challenges in education policy, and advise Rector in strategic matters in the area. The Committee's work is to be based on the faculties' thinking and help NTNU to achieve a comprehensive education strategy, offer relevant education programmes and provide high-quality research-based education. The Committee is to be an inter-faculty forum for discussion of relevant issues at faculty level. 

Tasks #

In accordance with the overall objectives, the Committee is to take the initiative and advise on:  

  • the use and design of interdisciplinary and inter-faculty courses and programmes of study 
  • the university’s teaching and pedagogical support
  • the quality of learning and education
  • the structure and scope of the programme of study portfolio 
  • the admission framework and size of the education programmes
  • quality assurance of the education activities and the annual quality assurance report

The Committee has a special responsibility to advise Rector on: 

  • common courses
  • Experts in Teamwork
  • institutional cooperation and alliance building with relevance to NTNU's education activities

The Committee can also advise Rector on:

  • statements from NTNU in response to hearings related to education issues  
  • candidates that NTNU wishes to nominate for external awards related to education activities 
  • grant applications from NTNU regarding external project funding related to education activities

The Committee is to discuss matters on its own initiative or initiatives that come from Rector as well as matters proposed by the faculties, other executive committees or the Student Parliament. 

Composition #

The Committee is chaired by the Pro-Rector for Education and has the following members: 

  • the Vice-Deans for Education from each faculty (if the Vice-Dean cannot attend, a representative of the faculty management may attend instead) 
  • two students appointed by the Student Parliament 
  • the heads of the Executive Committee for Teacher Education (FUL) and the Executive Committee for Engineering Education (FUS)
  • the Director of the University Library
  • the Head of the Educational Development Unit at the Programme for Teacher Education
  • the Head of the Student and Academic Division 

The Head of the Student and Academic Division has secretarial responsibility for the University Education Committee. 

Approved by Rector on 20 January 2012, with reference to the decision of the Board of NTNU on 12 October 2011 (S-sak 51/11)

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