Tips for job seekers

This page provides tips and advice on how to apply for jobs.

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Important questions to ask yourself #

  • What type of job do you want?
  • What have you learned during your studies?
  • Why did you choose your study programme?
  • In what sort of environment would you like to work, and what is your vision of an ideal colleague?
  • What are the most important factors for you in a job?
  • What sorts of expectations do you have of yourself?
  • What sorts of expectations might an employer have of you?
  • How would you solve different work assignments in a sound way?

Job databases #

There are a number of job databases available to you with listings of job vacancies:

Things to look for in the job announcement #

Don't write off a job announcement solely based on the job title or headline. Not all titles describe exactly what is described in the position announcement. Make certain that you clearly understand the tasks the employer will want you to undertake. Read the announcement thoroughly and several times before you reply.

Make note of the following:

  • What sort of expertise is the employer looking for?
  • What specific tasks will be expected of you?
  • What will your role be in the organization?
  • What will be your responsibilities?
  • In which areas will you collaborate with your colleagues?
  • Have you gotten information about: how the job will be carried out, how it will be organized, the types of collaborative efforts it involves, pay, and benefits?

Pay careful attention to the language of the announcement; there are signficant differences to "the applicant must have",  "should have",  "it is an advantage to have", "desirable" and "preferably". If you have questions about the position, don't be afraid to call the contact person listed in the announcement.

Contact #

Do you have any questions? Please contact NTNU Karriere.

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