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Tasks Group leader PM Lab Adm Project owner Comments
Project plan, project organizing, progress plan
EU-projects: EU-adviser at the IVT faculty must be involved from the start, because of special guidelines
x x     info Department head (project owner) is responsible for all projects and must ensure that the projects are in line with the department's goals and strategies.
Group leader acts as advisor to the project manager (PM) in the initation phase.
Resource planning, including inkind x x x x x Group leader must be informed of planned projects at an early
stage and make sure that the PM involves the administration and the lab manager. Department head must approve the use of resources in the project. 
Budget: Link
info x x x   The budget for the project application must be prepared together with the administration (Gunhild or Tonje) and lab. It is important that all costs are included in the budget (TDI-model).
Eu-projects: EU-advisor Per Inge Andresen must be involved:
Informing the administration about the coming application    x   x   PM is responsible for informing the administration about the
 application at an early stage, preferably at least 14 days before deadline.
When we act as project partner, a letter of intent (LoI) must be written. EU-projects: LoI upon request from coordinator.    x     x K:\Felles\Prosjektprosessen\Letter of intent NTNU - template.dotx
Classify the project - sponsored/commision funding       x   If the project is classified as a commision funded project, all costs must be covered (no in-kind is allowed). It is important to set the correct classification already in the application process.
Signed check-list must follow all applications.  x x   x x Group leader, PM, administration and Department Head sign the check list. EU-projects: EU advisor in charge of the check list.
Applications to RCN - see RCN tab below - for a completed first page of RCN applications.
EU-applications - follow the EU-advisor's instructions.
  x       Use the example of the first page of applications to RCN which you find enclosed. Gunhild or Tonje must have write access to the application at RCN in order to update budgets etc.
Send a copy of the application to
  x       All applications will be treated as confidential in our internal archive.


Tasks Group leader PM Lab Adm Project owner Comments
Preparing the contract. There are different templates to use:           The templates must be obtained from the websites of RCN and NTNU in each individual case, in order to use the most updated template. 
Collaboration agreements for projects for RCN   x   x  
Contract handling NTNU    x   x  
Complex projects - legal advice from NTNU centrally       x   Hanne Merethe Sørgjerd,;  Morten Øien,
EU-contracts - contact EU-advisors   x   x
Safeguarding IPR   x     x  
Quality assurance and collect signatures   x   x    
Contract for RCN-projects   x     x PM: Ensure that the contract is available at RCN. Department head must
approve the contract.


Start up
Tasks Group leader PM Lab Adm Project owner Comments
Start up meeting - budget, resource planning, project plans etc   x x x   PM is responsible for initiating a start-up meeting when the project is to start.
Information to HR regarding announcement of vacant positions   x   x   The department's responsible HR persons must be involved as
soon as possible in order to avoid unnecessary time spent. 
Establish the project in Maconomy       x    
Schedule deliverables, reporting periods etc   x   x    
Collaborative projects - start working with the consortium   x        


Project phase
Tasks Group leader PM Lab Adm Project owner Comments
Periodic status reports (accounts)       x   Depends on type of project and contractor.
Milestone reports to contractor   x       EU-projects: EU-advisor is responsible
Financial report to contractor   x   x x  


Closing of project
Tasks Group leader PM Lab Adm Project owner Comments
All deliverables and reports must be submitted    x   x   The administration must check that everything is submitted
Are all costs incurred on the project?        x   The administration must check that all costs are incurred
Are all invoices submitted to the funding source and paid?        x   The administration must check that all invoices are submitted



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