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Do you miss the physical library? In the Virtual Library you can get help with academic writing, citation, literature searches, loans and more. 

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The NTNU University Library has a virtual library in Zoom for all students and staff at NTNU. Here you can talk to and get guidance from library staff, attend courses and get some real writing done at Shut up and write. The service is offered weekly throughout the spring semester 2020 until 26 June. Opens again for the fall semester 17 August. 

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The waiting room  #

First you come to the waiting room: Here you may have to wait a bit before you are greeted by a friendly library employee. The waiting room makes the Virtual Library safe for everyone. Please log in through Feide. 

The services #

Monday-Friday 10am-12pm: Open desk 

Talk to library staff one-on-one. Here you can ask about everything! You will only meet one employee at a time and each visit to the virtual desk is confidential. 

Tuesdays 10am-12pm: Library courses 

Attend useful courses from the library! Here you will be able to learn more about academic writing, citation and literature searches etc. Each course lasts 45 min, followed by 15 min. for questions in the chat. See full program at the bottom of this page.

Thursdays 10am-12pm: Shut up and write 

Work intensively with others! We facilitate two writing sessions of 45 mins. in silence with 15 min. break between. In the break you can share your frustrations and writing tips with fellow writers. 

Course program #

(continuously updated)

Contact #

Please contact if you have any questions or feedback. 

Idun Knutsdatter Østerdal - if you have feedback regarding the content on this page

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