The E-Room Project tool

The Project Room (also called electronic room, or e-room) is a tool for creating a shared workspace for cooperative research projects, based on MS Sharepoint. Research projects (or planned projects) with external funding or external partners that are coordinated by NTNU can reserve a project room (so called BOA-projects.)

The electronic project room makes it easier for project participants to work together. Both internal and external participants can be invited into the electronic room by the room's administrators. Norsk versjon - E-rom prosjektverktøy

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Reserve an e-room #

If your project, or planned project, is financed through external funds or has external partners, you can reserve a project room.

  1. Send and email to: with a copy to your local IT support.
  2. Include the following information:
    • The project's name -- which will be used in the Internet address of the project room.
    • Names of individuals who will be responsible as e-room administrators.

Log in #

 Log in   or navigate to:

Administration #

The project leader/administrator is the project room "owner," and can add other participants and administer the e-room.


HERE'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE: Screen shot of what it looks like when you are in an e-room, which is based on MS Sharepoint.

What you can do #

NTNU's e-room is based on Microsoft's Sharepoint, and can be integrated with NTNU's email program, Exchange. The idea behind the e-room is that it make it easy to work together on projects, and that project work thus becomes more effective and productive.  Here's an overview of the functions provided by an e-room:

The ability to share files and documents and to work on them

  • Share files with internal and external project participants
  • Share documents and control what kinds of work is done on different documents
  • Version control
  • Work simultaneously as other participants on the same document

Simple procedures, interaction

  • Create tasks and follow up

Discussion forum

  • Comment/discussion in the room

Project calendar

  • Ability to create a shared project calendar
  • Ability to export project calendar to your own calendar

Simple project webpage

  • Publish news/information


  • Simple to use overview of project participants

Works with many different browsers

Internal searches

  • Search tool that enables you to search all of the content in a project room

Administration capabilities

  • Ability to invite all project participants regardless of affiliation
  • Different access levels: read, write, administer
  • Different access levels to document libraries and folders

Secure access

  • Internal users are authenticated via AD (NTNU user)
  • External users are authenticated via their own LDAP (own E-room user)

Permanent project room formatting

  • NTNU layout
  • Access to guidance

What is not available #

  • Functionalities that are found in most commonly used project management tools (such as MS project).
  • Instant messaging.
  • Ability to hold electronic meetings.
  • Integrated interface with Maconomy, the project finance tool.
  • Integrated interface with Ephorte.
  • External web page with information on the project. (But see the point below on NTNU's wiki.)

Web pages for your project #

If you want to present information about your research project on external web pages, you can use  NTNU's wiki program, Confluence, free of charge. It's also possible to use Liferay web publishing tool, and get an NTNU-url. Your local Web Editor can help you.

Information security #

Always remember to handle information cautiously. Sensitive and/or classified information must never be stored in the E-room. Read about NTNUs policy and principles of information security (in Norwegian).

User manuals #

An introduction to E-room (pdf).You will also find access to user manuals (in English!) in the electronic room after you have logged on.

Forgot your password? #

Contact your local IT support.

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