The ABE Reform

In 2015, the Government introduced its reform for reducing bureaucracy and improving efficiency («Avbyråkratiserings- og effektiviseringsreformen», the ABE Reform). Since then it has cut the budget for all state-owned organizations by between 0.5 and 0.7 per cent each year. This page will be updated with information about the effects of the efficiency requirements now and in the future for NTNU.

Norsk versjon: ABE-reformen

Report with proposals for NTNU #

The ABE Reform is likely to lead to a budget cut of about half a billion kroner over the next 10 years.

In May 2019 the consulting firm EY (formerly Ernst & Young) delivered the draft of a report commissioned by NTNU’s management, with recommendations on how NTNU could approach these cutbacks and other challenges in the sector.

The consulting firm proposes measures that could increase productivity, streamline support functions and boost income from research and education.

NTNU’s management wants a broad discussion of the proposals at NTNU.

Read more details about the proposals (Innsida, 8 May 2019).

Downloadable report #

Download the report from EY (in Norwegian): 

NTNU – Kunnskapsgrunnlag ABE-reform NTNU (Knowledge basis for the ABE Reform NTNU), 15 August 2019 (PDF)

The report has been revised due to a consultation process. Deadline for this process was 27 May 2019.

Preliminary schedule in 2019 for dealing with the report #

  • 7 May: Rectorate meeting – EY presents the draft report / input for further follow-up
  • 7 May: The council of deans – EY presents the draft report / input for further follow-up
  • 9 May: SESAM (the Central Works Council) – Preliminary reactions and input to the process
  • 9 May: Administrative management forum (ALF) + University Administration (FA) managers – Preliminary reactions and input to the process
  • 14 May: SESAM (the Central Works Council) – Further discussion of the process and plan for follow-up
  • 14 May: Council of deans – Further discussion of the process and plan for follow-up
  • 27 May: Faculties, University Administration and employee organizations – Deadline for reporting factual errors and final corrections
  • 4 June: Council of deans + employee representatives – Planning and budget seminar 2020
  • 6 June: Board meeting – Briefing on the report
  • 21-22 August: Board meeting – Planning framework for 2020 and the long-term period. Handle the ABE in 2020
  • 30 August (tentative): Joint seminar with employee organizations – Framework for the future restructuring work
  • 16.-17. september: Dean gathering – Discuss ambitions, premises, goals, organization, etc. Plan the further follow-up
  • September-November: Line management and employee organizations – Area review of potential, measures, alternatives
  • 3-4 December: Board meeting – Annual plan and budget allocations 2020 and long-term period. Plan the further follow-up and prioritiaztion of areas

Ongoing information #

Information will be published continuously in Innsida messages, with links here:

Contact #

For further information:

Roar Tobro, Division Director, Division for Governance and Management Systems

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