The ABE Reform

Norsk versjon: ABE-reformen

In 2015, the Government introduced its reform for reducing bureaucracy and improving efficiency («Avbyråkratiserings- og effektiviseringsreformen», the ABE Reform). Since then it has cut the budget for all state-owned organizations by between 0.5 and 0.7 per cent each year. The ABE Reform is likely to lead to a budget cut of about 250 million kroner over the next 5 years.

Working Group #

Rector has appointed a working group with mandate to propose how NTNU can manage budget cutbacks related to the ABE Reform. 

With a deadline of May 1th 2020 the working group is to: 

  1. In general terms, map the benefits expected from ongoing change processes in cooperation with the line management
  2. Put forward proposals for ongoing initiatives that can be postponed or discontinued.
  3. Put forward proposals for the level of ambition. How much of the budget cuts required by the ABE Reform [government programme for reducing bureaucracy and improving efficiency] for 2021-2025 should be covered through:
    • Improvements in administrative efficiency - reviews of specific areas
    • Further flat cuts in ordinary operating parameters
    • Increased income
    • Effects of ongoing initiatives/if applicable, what could be postponed
  4. Concrete specification of the conceptual outline for improving administrative efficiency
    • Put forward proposals for the sequence of reviews
    • Draw up mandates for the first review(s)
  5. Draw up a mandate for further work by the project group from February 2020, which must ensure a consistent methodology for the reviews.

The working group can be contacted at Group leader is Roar Tobro, Division Director

Background information #

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