Temporary guidelines for necessary work in laboratories due to corona

(Du ser på en arkivert versjon av denne siden. (1.4), Gå til siste versjon.)

Temporary guidelines for necessary work in laboratories due to corona #

Published 20 March 2020, valid until 13 April, or until further notice.

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Norvegian version: Retningslinje for nødvendig arbeid i laboratorier 

General requirements #

Use of protective equipment #

  • Personal protective equipment must only used by 1 person.
  • Protective equipment that will be used several times must as far as possible be cleaned/disinfected after use and stored in an airtight box/bag when it is not in use.
  • If protective equipment must be used by several people, it must always be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected before and after use. Each user must do this themselves.
  • If personal protective equipment is not available: A risk assessment must be done to identify which tasks can still be performed.

Cleaning #

  • Regular cleaning must be done in accordance with the agreement between the unit and Campus Services Division. The unit must consider the need for extra cleaning (type of cleaning and frequency). Contact the Campus Services Division.
  • The user must ensure cleaning/disinfection of equipment, especially equipment that is used by several people, surfaces, and frequently touched points, immediately after completing the work. The general rule is that disinfectants and cleaning agents (detergent) must be applied with a cloth, preferably a disposable cloth (microfibre). Avoid using sprays, because this will cause aerosol formation and swirling of dust/particles.
  • Examples of equipment and areas:
    • Instruments, machines, etc.
    • Flasks, bottles, pipettes, etc.
    • Touch screens, keyboards, mouse, microphone, switches, handles and other frequently touched items.
    • Surfaces: lab worktops, door handles, cupboard doors, fume hoods, fume cupboards, shelves, etc.
  • Remove unnecessary papers, books and other items from worktops and tables. Consider replacing equipment with alternatives that are easier to clean/disinfect. Plastic wrap can be used to cover keyboards and mice, for example. This must be replaced between each user.

Waste management #

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