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On this page you can find a list of contacts that can help you with teaching resources at NTNU. The contacts are part of NTNU’s teaching resources network.

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Faculty contacts in Trondheim #

AD - Faculty of Architecture and Design | Bente Revis

HF - Faculty of Humanities | Marianne Løvdal | Gro Synnøve Johnsen

IE - Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering | Frank Mauseth | Terje Brekke

IV - Faculty of Engineering Science | Linda Fjølstad

MH - Faculty of Medicine | Ragnhild Sand Kalkvik | Marian Førde  

NV - Faculty of Natural Sciences  |  Ida Johanne Ulseth 

SU - Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences | Marte Nubdal | Oda Bjørnsborg

ØK - Facultuy of Economics  | Kristin Melum

Other contributors #

NTNU DRIVE, Programme for Digitalisation 2016- 2018, Inger Dagrun Langseth

MMS - NTNU Multimedia Center | Frank Børø 

UB - NTNU University Library | Karen Johanne Buset

AV - Services | Arild Tørum

Department of Education and Lifelong Learning - Educational Development | Katja Hakel | Leif Martin Hokstad

IT Division | Kirsti Sørgaard Moe

Universell | Kjetil Knarlag

Centre for Continuing Education and Professional Development | Haakon Aasprong

Centre for Teaching and Learning #

Centre for Teaching and Learning in Ålesund #

A local Centre for Teaching and Learning is established at NTNU Ålesund. Kari Anne Flem Røren is the Centre’s Project Manager. In Ålesund, the Centre provides support and help in the organisation of technology-assisted teaching and evaluation.

Centre for Teaching and Learning in Gjøvik #

Another local centre, Enhet for teknologistøttet læring, (Unit for technology-supported teaching), EnTL, has been established at NTNU Gjøvik. One of the unit’s main responsibilities is the pedagogical administration of the electronic learning system (eLS). Steinar Hov is the Project Manager.

Several specialist environments are active contributors to the Centre for Teaching and Learning to ensure quality and expertise in the assistance the Centre provides. The Centre for Teaching and Learning is organised as a virtual centre with contributors from several units: the IT division, the University Library, Universell, Uniped, the Multimedia Centre and the AV Services, among others.

More information about the Centre for Teaching and Learning

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