System for Booking Research Infrastructure

How to use System for Booking Research Infrastructure #

Norwegian version - System for Booking av Leiested

**How to sign in** #

To log on you need to access the page that belongs to your department:

Department of Energy and Process Engineeringhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/ept/
Department of Electronics and Telecommunicationshttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/iet/
Department of Geology and Mineral Resources Engineeringhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/igb/
Department of Materials Science and Engineeringhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/imt/
Department of Production and Quality Engineeringhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/ipk/
MR Core Facilityhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/mrc
Department of Physicshttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/ify/
Department of Marine Technologyhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/iimt/
Department of Electric Power Engineeringhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/elk/
Department of Chemical Engineeringhttps://www.ntnu.no/booking/ikp/ 

 Use the username and password provided by your administrator

After you have signed in, the following window should appear:

Under My Account you can:

  • check your profile settings
  • change your password
  • choose what email alerts you want to receive
  • check invitations that are pending

Under Schedule you can:

  • create a booking
  • check what bookings that are active
  • check what rooms are occupied

If you also have administrator access, the Application Management tab will be accessible. Here you can administrate e.g.:

  • Users and groups
  • Schedules
  • Quotas
  • Etc…

**Reservations** #

To book a room you can either hold the mouse button over Schedule and click on Bookings, or if you know what room you want, you can click Create Reservation directly under the heading Resource Availability that should appear on your dashboard:

  If you have clicked on Bookings the following window should appear (if you have selected Create Reservation you will skip this step):

  1. Here you can choose different viewing settings for your calendar.
  2. Here is an overview of the different color codes in the calendar. In the picture above you can for instance see that it is not possible to reserve a room between 01:00 AM and 07:00 AM.
  3. Here you can create a filter to get a room that meets your demands.
  4. Choosing a time, click and drag:
    1. When choosing a time you need to click and hold on the start time and drag your pointer to the end time and then release. When you release the button, a new window will appear. (You can also change the time and date in the next window).

**Create a new reservation** #

When you have chosen a room, either on the dashboard or through bookings, you get the following window:

 On the left side you can:

  • choose the start date and end date, as well as starting time and end time
  • choose if the reservation should be repeated every day, week, month or year.
    • Remember also to choose the last date the reservation should be valid.
  • add a title and a description to the reservation
  • add a project number (if you have one)

On the right side you can:

  • choose participants, individuals or whole groups
  • send invitations to individuals or whole groups
  • select Allow Participants To Join if you want others to be able to join your reservation.

After you have clicked the Create button, you will get a confirmation message:

 You will find your reservations under Bookings and My calendar. You can also see the reservation on your dashboard.

**Deleting a reservation** #

To delete a reservation simply go to your dashboard and press on previously created reservations. You can see the reservation on both the Upcoming Reservations section and the AllUpcoming Reservations section. After you have clicked the reservation you want to delete, a new window will appear, and you can click on Delete in the bottom left corner.

**Change password** #

To change your password hold the mouse pointer over My Account and click Change Password in the pulldown menu.

It is important that the contents of the New Password and the Confirm Password boxes are identical. Ensure that Caps Lock is not active when you create your password.

**Contact** #

If you encounter difficulties contact your local research infratructure administrator.

Orakel Support Services can help if you encouter errors in the system, or if you wish to add your department to the system.

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