Suspected or confirmed COVID-19

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Norsk: Mistanke eller påvist Covid-19

Actions to take if Covid-19 is strongly suspected  #

  • If you get acute respiratory symptoms while you are on campus, or the municipality’s infection control office (smittevernkontor) defines you as a close contact of an infected person, you must leave the campus as soon as possible. The infection control office will get in touch with close contacts.
  • Before you leave the workplace:  
    • Wash contact surfaces such as desks, door handles, or keyboards.
    • Notify your manager/student adviser that you are going home and that you have cleaned the contact surfaces.
    • See Workplace advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI).  
  • Then do the following:
    • Book an appointment for testing (TrondheimÅlesundGjøvik). Stay at home until you have received the test results.
    • If you have questions about absence, contact your line manager or student adviser/lecturer.
  • A manager who is notified that an employee has gone home must: Assess the need for cleaning contact surfaces. If necessary, make sure that this is carried out.

Employees/students do not need to go home if a colleague/fellow student has left the campus because of acute respiratory symptoms.  

Actions to take if Covid-19 is confirmed  #

  • If you test positive for Covid-19, you will be contacted by the infection control office in your home municipality
  • Follow any instructions you get in the messages from the infection control office
  • Employees must notify their line manager of absence due to illness 
  • If you have any questions about absence, or adaptation of your study/work situation: Contact your line manager or your student adviser/lecturer

Contact tracing  #

  • The infection control office in the municipality is responsible for contact tracing.
  • The infection control office notifies the HR and HSE Division at NTNU if an employee or student tests positive for Covid-19 and there is a need for contact tracing. In Trondheim and Ålesund, HR is also notified of cases where there is no need for follow-up from NTNU.
  • When the HR and HSE Division gets the notification, the infection control office has already had a dialogue with the infected person and has gathered information about activities, presence and known close contacts.
  • The HR and HSE Division helps with contact tracing by extracting the necessary information from NTNU Check-in and the National Student Database (Felles studentsystem, FS) on request from the infection control office.
  • Everyone who needs to take some practical action in connection with contact tracing, such as ordering extra cleaning and disinfection, is contacted directly by the HR and HSE Division. 

Notification of close contacts  #

  • The infection control office notifies close contacts.
  • The infection control office sends alerts by SMS  or by phone. The infection control office phones from a hidden (private) phone number. So it is important to answer the phone even if you cannot see who is calling.
  • Those who do not receive an alert from the infection control office do not need to go into quarantine. 

Privacy in contact tracing  #

  • The infection control office in the municipality gets consent from the infected person to share their name and information with the HR and HSE Division, and thus to enable NTNU to contribute to contact tracing. The name is only used to retrieve information from FS and Check-in.
  • Information from NTNU is sent encrypted to the infection control office
  • NTNU and the infection control office do not tell the close contacts who the source of infection might be, because this is personal health information.
  • Notifications of new cases of infection at NTNU only contain information about which university city the infected person belongs to, which faculty / department is involved, and whether the person has been present on campus.  In Gjøvik and Ålesund, no information about faculty affiliation is provided.


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