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The submission deadline for the master's thesis is 20 weeks from the date for starting up + 1 week for Easter or Christmas if this falls within in the period. The exact date for submission will be agreed upon, and you will find it on your master agreement. You can also apply for an extended deadline.

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Topic page about writing and submitting your master’s thesis

Submit the master’s thesis #

The master's thesis is to be submitted in NTNU's examination system (Inspera Assessment). See guide on how to submit on the page "Digital home exam - for students".

The master's thesis will be archived and published automatically, if applicable; read more about this on the page "Publishing and delayed publication of theses".

Extended deadline #

If you are working on your master’s thesis abroad, or you are working as a Research Assistant or a Teaching Assistant, you may be granted an extended deadline. You can apply for an extension by sending an email to your institute.

If you can’t submit due to technical difficulties with the thesis or the equipment, due to illness or other unexpected circumstances, your main supervisor can extend your deadline with one week. You need to apply for an extension and have the extension granted, before the submission deadline. If you fail to do this, your master’s thesis may be assessed as Not Approved.

See information and deadlines for starting up your master's thesis.

Students at the Faculty of Engineering (IV) must apply to the faculty for an extended deadline.
Application form for extended deadline - for students at the IV-faculty. Send your application to postmottak@iv.ntnu.no.

If you fail your master’s thesis #

If you fail your master’s thesis you can submit a new or revised thesis once.

It is not possible to improve an awarded grade by submitting a new thesis. However, you are allowed to appeal the awarded grade, just like you can after an exam. More information about grades and appeals

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