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Programme structure and programme componets is found here: Studyplan for Chemical Engineering

Specialization course and project. #

The projects are given within current research activity in the group or, in cooperation with faculty, in cooperation with exteral research insitutes or industry. The project work will include definition and limitation of the work to be performed, literature search in current literature, a time schedule for the project, experimental work and interpretation and reporting of results.

You can choose project sizes 15 (normally) or 7,5 sp, in the latter case, an additional topic of 7.5 stp has to be chosen, so that the total credits for the spesialization will be 22.5 stp. The size of the project is decided in cooperation with the supervisor for the project.

 Specialization courses/projects are offered within the following areas:

 The specialization course consists of 2 modules giving a total sum of 7.5 stp. Modules are chosen from this list. Topics from other departments may also be chosen provided the student obtains permission from the co-ordinator.

**List of all project proposals fall 2020 is found here. #

Important dates
April - MayProject proposals are made available for students
Information meeting about choosing specialization project.
May 15th Deadline for choosing modules and project. 
December Exam in the modules Oral or written Exam. Time and place will be announced a few days ahead of the examination day.
December Deadline for the project report. Frontpage is found here. (details about how to hand in the report will be sent out to all students)
December Oral presentation of the projects. 

Master thesis #

 The master thesis work is carried out in the last spring semester of your studies. You have 20 weeks to do the work (approx. 5 months including easter vacation).

The thesis work is usually given in relation to current research projects at the department or to industrial projects in cooperation with industrial partners, however the thesis work may also be in the form of feasibility studies that will form the basis for new projects. Because of the close cooperation with SINTEF and PFI, researchers from these organizations often act as supervisors for the thesis work. From our industrial partners we receive each year several proposals for thesis work; sometimes with an additional offer for a summer job.


Hazardous activity identification and risk assessment #

Before starting work on your thesis you must also do a hazardous activity identification (this applies also for work that is purely theoretical) and a risk assessment of all the activities identified in the hazardous activity identification process (not necessary for theoretical work). The hazardous activity identification/ risk assessment form is filled out in cooperation with your supervisor(s) and must be signed by the main supervisor. Questions on how to perform the risk assessment can be directed to the HSE-coordinator at the departement, Gunn Torill Wikdahl. The completed and signed form is handed in at the department office together with your master contract.

 Useful information concerning risk assessment:


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