Student guidance

Contact a student adviser at your faculty or study programme if you need advice or help with your study plan. 

Norsk versjon - studieveiledning 

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Find a student adviser #

Find your student adviser at the study program page under "Student adviser" or at the faculty pages below.

Note: some of the following links all lead to pages in Norwegian, but the names and contact information for student advisers in the different disciplines should be clear, even if you are unable to read Norwegian.

Faculty of

Get help with: #

Prepare for your counseling session #

Think about what you hope to gain from a counseling session. You can also read relevant information (listed below) so that you can get the most out of your time with a student adviser.

Guidance for studying abroad #

You can find an overview here of counseling sessions, locations and times for students interested in exchange programmes or studying abroad.

Counseling services available at NTNU Career #

 NTNU Career offers counseling in the areas:

new student at NTNU, study techniques , exam skills, increased awareness of competence and tips for job seekers.

Counseling for special needs accomodation #

Special needs students or students with disabilities can get help with individual accomodations

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