Stop security warning in Internet Explorer

A how-to guide: Eliminate Internet Explorer‛s annoying pop-up Security Warning when viewing NTNU‛s intranet.

The changes suggested below will allow you to see content from both secure pages (https) and insecure pages (http) without a pop-up warning each time you load a page. We consider the risk of this change relatively low. Internet Explorer is the only browser with this warning; and most users are either uncertain what it means or click through the warning without thinking. (More from Microsoft.com on: Mixed Content Handling)

Security Warning in Internet Explorer #

Because NTNU‛s intranet combines content from many sources in one page, Internet Explorer informs you of a potential risk every time you load a page.  This prompt will be annoying over time.

Figure 1 - Security Warning: Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?

Mixed content popup

We recommend you surpress this warning for NTNUs intranet by

  • enabling mixed content for theInternet zone
  • adding https://innsida.ntnu.no to the list of sites in the Internet zone

Enable Mixed Content #

  1. From Internet Explorers menu go to  Tools Internet OptionsSecurity
  2. On the Security tab (Figure 2-2)
  3. Click the Internet zone icon.  (Figure 2-3)
  4. Click the button labelled Custom Level. (Figure 2-4)
  5. Find the "Display mixed content " option and set it to "Enable" (Figure 3- A) Then click OK.

Optional: To be extra sure you can repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 for alle three zones (the Internet zone, and the Trusted sites zone) and then continue with the instructions on this page.

Figure 2 - Security tab (Internet Explorer)

Security Tab in Internet Explorer 8

Figure 3 - Display Mixed Content  Setting (Internet Explorer)

Disabling the Mixed Content Warning

Adding Innsida to the Internet Zone #

As mentioned earlier, the Security Tab allows you to supress the mixed content warning for specific zones. The changes above will only have effect if Innsida has been added to the Internet Zone.

  1. Open the Security tab again (Tools Internet Options Security
  2. Choose Internet zone  and then click the Sites button (Figure 4)
  3. Add https://innsida.ntnu.no to the list and then click Add
  4. Close the dialogue  and then OK to complete the action.

Figure 4  - Tools Internet Options Security Internet zone Sites button 

Security Tab Sites button

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