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Specialization Information Systems – MSINFOSYST

(Videresendt fra Specialization Information Systems)

Getting started and implementation

  1. Register which project problem you want to solve (during the spring semester 1 year)
  2. Register two theory topics that will be a part of the theoretical specialization course (topics are chosen in consulation with your supervisor)
  3. Submit project report and oral exam (see deadline at bottom of page

1. Register which specialization project you want to solve

Register specialization project

A dialog with the potential supervisor will help decide if the problem suits you. Final project choice is clarified with the supervisor during the spring semester 1 year. 


2. Register two specialization topics

You must have clarified your choice of topics with your supervisor.

Register specialization topic

Exchange students, non-informatics/computer science students taking only the two specialization topics (TDT4506 or IT3020). Register your two specialization topics on the site “mine teorimoduler”


3. Submit project report and oral exam

The project report is submitted digitally in Inspera. If your supervisor wants more documentation this should be included. 

The project reports front page should include:

  • Title
  • Course code and name
  • Semester and year
  • The student(s) name
  • Name of your main supervisor

Example of front page (minimalistic), be creative. 

The oral exams in theory curriclum will be held like this:

  • Exam time will be sent on email ([username]
  • First exam may start at 08:00
  • Both exams are on the same day
  • Each exam takes about 20 minutes

'Not passed' or valid absence will allow you to re-sit examination August the next year. 

Question? Please contact email


About specialization

The specialization is composed of one project course (15 credits) and one theoretical course (7,5 credits). The project courses aim is to give insight in how research results are generated and reported, and an awareness of important principles of research ethics. The theoretical course is designed to give an in-depth knowledge of subjects relevant to the specialization project.

The theoretical course is composed of two topics (3,75 credits each).
You select these topics in consultation with your supervisor.



The specialization is about studying state of the art in a specific field, and also performing experiments that enlighten principals and theories. There is often some development- and construction work that may be part of the upcoming master thesis. 

The project is normally done alone, but it is possible to work in pairs. Occasionally you may be allowed to work in group of three, but only if the assignment is suited for that. Students and lecturer, together, agrees on the amount of guidance. 

The grade is based on all hand-ins. 

Examples of documentation:

  • Project report (compulsory)
  • Web pages
  • Posters
  • Scientific articles


Specialization topics

The specialization topics are mostly self-study with some supplement lectures and colloquiums. In the colloquiums students with the same curriculum will take turn presenting in front of the students and lecturer, the curriculum is then discussed in the group. 

Time and place for colloquiums is decided between lecturer and students, normally these colloquiums will be mandatory. First meeting will be announced on the home page or via email. 


Time plan

Date Description
During the spring Specialization project must be chosen. Clarify choice of theory topic with specialization supervisor.
Semester start

Lectures and colloquiums is decided between subject teacher and students in week 34

As a 2. year students you have the opportunity to apply for a study hall desk

15 September Register specialization course and project (TDT4501 and TDT4506) on StudentWeb.
Early december. See exam information on TDT4506 course website. Oral examination in theory topics
Wednesday week 50 Specialization projects must be submitted latest 23:59:59.
(digitally in Inspera)
3 weeks after exames are held Announcement of grade specialization project
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