Recording studios for sound and video

(Videresendt fra Sound and video recording)

Do you want to explore your options for audio and video recording? Here we have collected information about the different places at NTNU where you can record audio and/or video. This is an area of constantly expansion at NTNU and there are continuously more studios being added.


Norsk versjon - Opptaksstudioer for lyd og video

There are many ways to use audio and video in teaching; films and sound files can also easily be integrated into Blackboard. You can read on the Teaching and Learning Center's wiki page how educators can use video for teaching and learning. More training materials are coming soon!


Videostudio B108

Campus Gjøvik has a studio where you can record film clips, the video studio is located in room B108. In the video studio, lecturers can easily create video recordings for use before, during and after class. The video studio can be booked in the NTNU room booking system TimePlan. For help with the video studio at NTNU Gjøvik, you can contact Paul Ole Hegstad at the NTNU Teaching and Learning Center.

Videostudio B108:

Videostudio i gjøvik

Picture 1: Paul Ole Hegstad from NTNU Center for Teaching and Learning demonstrates the equipment in Gjøvik's video studio



CastPod Lyd

There is a CastPod with audio recording equipment for podcasting and sound recording in Dragvoll room 1333. To book the CastPod you can use BLINK's inquiries form. BLINK Learning Hub runs the CastPod, BLINK is a partnership between the Faculty of Humanities, the Faculty of Social and Educational Sciences, UniPed, IT and the University Library. It is a virtual hub for research, teaching and learning, where students, educators, researchers and developers can work together to develop teaching and training.

Dragvoll Castpod lyd:

CastPod Video

In Dragvoll room 1333 together with CastPod Lyd, there will soon be a pod set up for filming. This pod will be set up to it is easy and intuitive to use. Like the CastPod Lyd will be run and booked through BLINK Learning Hub.

Dragvoll Selvstudio

In Dragvoll in room 7322 level 3 in building 7, behind Sandkassa there's a small studio for individual use. 

Dragvoll selvstudio:


Realfagbygget Proffstudio

NTNU Multimedia Center has two studios that can be used for high quality video production, this includes taping and editing in any visual/graphic material. The Multimedia Center will take care of all of the technical work.

For studio productions, most of the relevant technology such as digital boards, touch devices, different backgrounds, document cameras and more can be edited in to the film. The studio is located in E4-121 in Realfagbygget. To book studio time with production you can contact Morten Nyutstumo.

Realfagbygget proffstudio:


At NTNU Multimedia Center there is a studio for individual use, the studio is in Realbygget, room E4-123. To book a time at studio you can contact Morten Nyutstumo.

Realfagbygget selvstudio:


Gunnerus Lavterskelstudio

Studio Lavterskel is a room with many different uses. Here you ca make podcasts, try out VR equipment, and film video with script on the room's teleprompter. It is also equipped with document cameras for people who want to record real-time drawing or writing. The studio is in room G254 in Kalvskinnet. To reserve Studio Lavterskel you can contact Gunnar Orn Thordarson from the Multimedia Center.

Gunnerus lavterskel studio:


Studio Ankeret

There’s a studio at F410m. Here you can record presentations, teaching and make picture-in-picture films. Here there is also the option to use green scene. You can book the room through the TimePlan system. For first-time use, assistance or training, contact Audun Andreassen at the Teaching and Learning Center in Ålesund.

videostudio i ålesund mot pc og mikrofon videostudio i ålesund mot camera 


Campus Gjøvik and Ålesund both have Swivl equipment that can be lent out on request. With Swivl equipment you can film teaching without the classroom needing to have any extra equipment. However, there are GDPR challenges with the use of Swivl when students are present as it is difficult to record without filming them. We recommend it only as an emergency solution, for example during guest lectures. To borrow Swivl equipment you can contact Paul Ole Hegstad in Gjøvik or Audun Andreassen in Ålesund.


If you have any questions about the content of this page or if you know about a studio which isn't mentioned here, please contact the page author Dixie Matre

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