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On this page you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Skype for Business.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) #

Why can't I use my music headsets with SfB? #

The reason is related to noise and echo cancellation functions. On many PCs, the analog mini-jack / headphone jack will pick up too much noise from the PC it is connected to. Missing echo cancellation can ruin the audio experience in the conversation.

Headsets to be used with SfB must be labeled "Certified for Skype for Business". More information about the standard and recommended equipment can be found here.

Can I use the speakers and microphone on my PC? #

No, you should not. The reason is that echo cancellation features are often missing on the PCs, and the sound quality will not be satisfactory.

Why is the sound quality bad in Skype for Business? #

The sound should not be bad in Skype for Business under normal operating conditions. Poor sound quality can be caused by several reasons, such as poor acoustics in the room, noise picked up in the room, people sitting far from the microphones or talking too low. Unsuitable equipment or a poor network connection may also disturb the quality of the sound.

Is your PC / Mac prepared for Skype for Business? #

You must have the Skype for Business client / app installed on the PC / Mac where you want to run SfB. Supported versions are SfB 2016, SfB 2015, SfB on Mac and Lync 2013.

Everyone equipped with a Windows PC managed by NTNU IT automatically receives Skype for Business.

Windows PC and Mac users who manage their PCs themselves, can download and install Skype Business from Office 365. More information on this page.

Can I use Skype for Business on a Linux machine? #

Unfortunately, there is no SfB client for Linux available. However, you still have some options:

For meetings in SfB it is possible to participate via VDI.

There is a third-party plugin for the Pidgin program, SIPE, which is compatible with SfB. We know that Linux users at Uninett are using this program successfully.

There is also a third-party client called Sky Linux (requires license).

What are the options if I can't use a client on my computer? #

For telephony, the options are either mobile phones or a Polycom SfB phone. These options involve some costs that you must clarify with your leader.

Can I keep my phone number? #

5 out of 6 with a landline phone at NTNU in Trondheim will keep their previously registered phone number. 1 out of 6 will get a new landline number because they have previously shared a phone number with others (for instance office cabinets sharing the same phone device). All of whom have to change phone numbers have received an e-mail with information about this.

I need a landline number for Skype for Business. What to do? #

New phone numbers can be ordered using a web-form, if you're asked to log in, use your NTNU username and password. New numbers are often ordered by leaders.

Can I choose phone number myself? #

No. New numbers are assigned automatically.

Does my PC have to be turned on for the "SfB phone" on my PC to work? #


Can I appear unavailable? #

Yes, you can set your Skype for Business status to "do not disturb." When you use your PC to present, the status will automatically be set to "presents" and block incoming calls.

How will SfB interfere with other applications on the PC (eg, in conjunction with audio and research)? #

Too complex question to answer easily, and those who are affected will probably have as much expertise as NTNU IT.

An alternative may be to distinguish between a "professional" -PC and "office" -PC for each purpose, or having a mobile phone or Polycom SfB phone to meet the phone needs.

Where can I find more information? #

You will find user guides and more information about Skype for Business on Innsida.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

If you have tips to improve this guide, please send an e-mail to

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