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On this page you will learn how to use Skype for Business Web App. Through this app you can participate in a Skype for Business meeting from a machine that does not have Skype for Business installed. This may be useful for external participants attending online meetings from NTNU.

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Area of use #

Skype for Business Web App is a browser-based meeting app that can be used to join Skype for Business meetings. This can be useful for participants in a meeting that does not have Skype for Business installed on the machine. Note that you cannot plan a meeting from Skype for Business Web App, but you can attend a meeting called for.

Attend a meeting #

Ensure that a USB-based "Skype for Business Certified" headset and a camera are connected to the machine to be used. This is important to get a good meeting experience. Internal microphone / speaker in the machine or analog headset should not be used, as these can pick up noise. You will be asked to allow necessary access through the firewall of the machine being used. To do so you must have administrator privileges.

In the description below, Microsoft Edge is used, but other browsers can also be used.

  1. From the meeting request you choose Try Skype Web App
  2. The first time the app must be downloaded and installed
  3. Click Run to install the app
  4. Click Yes to open the app
  5. Enter your name and then select Join the meeting
  6. Click Allow

  7. Check both Private networks and Public networks, and then select Allow access (here you must have administrator privileges on the machine)
  8. You are now a participant in the meeting

Note that when attending a meeting through the use of Skype for Business Web App, you receive the status as a guest participant. Guests are not allowed to present anything in the meeting by default. If guests are to be presenters, permission must be given for this. Such a permit may be granted either in the meeting notice (all participants can be presenters) or directly to one of the meeting participants during the meeting.

Contact #

Orakel Support Services can help if you have questions or if you encounter difficulties.

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