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Sick child or childminder #

If your child or the person who looks after your child is ill, you can take paid leave up to and including the calendar year that your child turns 12. You must notify your manager as soon as possible, and your absence must be recorded in the HR portal.

A condition for taking leave is that you need to be away from work so that you can take care of your child. For the first three days of the illness episode, you can send self-certification of absence ("egenmelding") for a sick child or childminder. From the fourth day of absence, a medical certificate that documents the child’s illness is required.

If you are a new employee, you can receive paid leave if you are absent because your child or the person who looks after your child is ill. You must have then have started in the position, and in the first four weeks that you are employed in the position, you must submit a medical certificate from the first day of absence.

Remember that all children under the age of 12 or with chronic illness must be registered in the HR portal in order for your absence to be valid.

Watch tutorial on how to "Report absence" in the HR-portal (3:56)

Number of care benefit days #

1-2 children: 10 days per year

3 children or more: 15 days per year

If you are a single parent caring for your child on your own, the number of care benefit days is doubled.

More about care benefit days when you are the sole carer: Care benefit days when you are the sole carer, NAV. 

Extended right to care benefit days #

If you have children with disabilities or with chronic illness, you may be entitled to an extra 10 days of care benefits for each of these children. You must then submit the decision from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Organization (NAV) to document this right.

Sick child or childminder for part of the day #

In principle, you take a day of care benefits as a whole day. But it may be possible to divide the day between work and care of a child if your job allows this and your employer has approved it. When a total of one whole care day has been used, the full day must be registered in the HR portal.

Training allowance #

If you care for a child with a long-term illness or a disability, you may be entitled to a training allowance ("opplæringspenger"). You will then be entitled to absence from work for training at an approved health institution that is necessary for you to take care of your child. The training must last for a whole working day during a week.

You can apply for a training allowance from NAV.

References and legislation #

Contact #

If you have any questions about children's illness, contact your nearest HR employee

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