Sexual harassment - students

NTNU has zero tolerance for sexual harassment and other unacceptable behaviour. NTNU must be a safe place to study. This page gives you information about who you can contact if you are subjected to sexual harassment.

Norsk versjon: Seksuell trakassering - studenter

Are you an employee? See the page about sexual harassment for employees

If you experience sexual harassment/unwanted sexual attention at your place of study, help is available. In such cases, it is a good idea to write your own notes about the episode in which you describe the incident(s), the time, place, what happened and how you reacted. 

If you need an informal talk about the incident(s) without any obligations, you can contact 

Formal complaint  #

If you want to submit a formal complaint against the person(s) who offended you, you can find the information you need on the website about unacceptable behaviour

What is sexual harassment?  #

Sexual harassment is defined as “unwanted sexual attention that is troublesome to the person receiving the attention.” (Section 8 of The Act relating to Gender Equality [Likestillingsloven]. An English translation is available at regjeringen.no    

On the Norwegian website ung.no, sexual harassment is discussed in more detail: 

‘Sexual harassment is a collective term for behaviour that can be recognized by two characteristics: 

  • It concerns gender, the body and sexuality. This feature distinguishes sexual harassment from other types of “bullying”. 
  • It feels unpleasant, degrading or threatening. This is what distinguishes sexual harassment from, for example, flirting, which also concerns gender, the body and sexuality (…)’ 

Read more about sexual harassment at ung.no (in Norwegian) 

Contacts at the faculties  # #

If you are a student at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and do experience bullying or sexual harassment please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be contacted for an informal talk or help you if you want to submit a formal complaint. 

Contacts at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences 

Student and Academic SectionBernt Nicolai SærstenThea Sofie Melhuus Hojem
Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science - INBTorill Naavik
Department of Mental Health - IPHMarit By RiseToril Havn Sæther
Department of Public Health and Nursing - ISMIngeborg Olaug Kamsvåg
Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging - ISBMarthe Jenssen
Department of Health Sciences in Gjøvik - IHGGro Jeppestøl Vatne
Department of Health Sciences in Ålesund - IHARigmor Janne Eik
Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine - IKOMMarit Barstad
Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience Solfrid Nordtug
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