Setting up your email account in Outlook

Here is how you set up Outlook to work with your student email.

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For employees, see Email using Outlook 

Looking for something else? Topic page about IT support | Pages labeled with email  

Outlook 2013 #

Install Outlook 2013 from Office 365 #

Students at NTNU gain access to Microsoft Office software for free through Office 365,
as long as they are students at the University.

To install Microsoft Office Office 365, please follow this guide:

  1. Start by going to the Office 365 portal
  2. On the left side of the page you'll find the download links.
    Choose "PC/MAC"
  3. Choose wanted language and OS-version (normally 32-bits).
    Click on "Install". Wait for the computer to download the installation file, then run it.
  4. Click Next until you get the sign in window.
  5. You can choose to log in now, or close the log in screen and log in later.
    It is very important that you type in "<username>", NOT your email ( <username>
    Password: <Regular NTNU password>

Add your Office 365 account to Outlook #

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. If you haven't started the program before, you'll get a welcome message, click next til you get to the account setup.
    If you've already added an account you'll have to go to File - Info - Add Account
  3. Fill in the information as described below, and then click Next
    - Your Name: <Firstname Surname>
    - E-mail address: <username>
    - Password: <Your NTNU password>
    - Retype Password: <Your NTNU password>
  4. While Outlook gathers settings from the server, you'll get a Windows-login prompt.
    IMPORTANT: The username has to be "<username>".
    If necessary, click on "Use another account" to be able to set the username yourself!

  5. Click on Finish, and restart Outlook.

Filters and folders #

Se veiledning for filtrering.

Also see #

Contact #

Oracle Student Services can answer further questions about Webmail. However, Oracle Student Services does not distribute Outlook to students, nor do they provide support for users of this program.

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