Services for visually impaired or blind students

If you are a student with a visual impairment, you are eligible to borrow study aids, or you might qualify for other services for your needs. Set up a meeting with us the Disability Office to find solutions for your particular situation. Norwegian version - Synshemming

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Finding solutions for you #

Book a meeting with us at the Disability Office, and we'll sit down together and find the best solutions for you. Some of our special needs offers have an application deadline.

Apply for accommodations for exams #

You can apply to have accommodations made for your needs during exams. Read more about examples of accommodations that are available and application deadlines.

Parking and transport #

There are a number of options for parking and transport if you are a student with special needs.

Borrow audio or Braille textbooks #

You can listen to audio versions of textbooks or borrow Braille versions. The Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille has 14,000 audiobooks and 5,000 Braille books available, although not surprisingly most are in Norwegian.

At the Dragvoll Library and the Technology Library, you can convert text books into audio books

Borrow other study aids #

Read more about the type of equipment that you can borrow to make your studies easier.

Reading room accommodation #

Some of the university's reading rooms have work stations with accommodations for students with disabilities. There are also offices and reading room desks for students who need a permanent location to work. The university can customize the work area for your specific needs. Application deadline: 15th September (autumn) and 15th February (spring).

You can find application forms in Norwegian by clicking the links under.

NTNU Trondheim: http://www.bit.ly/Soknadtrondheim

NTNU Gjøvik: http://www.bit.ly/Soknadgjovik

Help with taking notes #

Students whose disabilities make it physically difficult for them to write can get help with taking notes in classes. The helper - who is also a student - takes notes for you.

Lecture notes in advance #

Ask your professor if it's possible to receive lecture notes beforehand, so that you can be prepared, and be able to learn more efficiently.

Inform your academic contacts? #

The Disability Office can assist you in informing professors and other academic contacts about your vision problems and special needs. We also have some leaflets which can be handed out.

Follow-up meetings #

You are always welcome to stop by us at the Disability Office. We can give help and advice with your daily challenges as a student. Don't hesitate to make contact if you have questions or the need to talk. It's usually better to do it before the situation gets too difficult.

Escaping from fire #

We recommend that you check out accessible areas where it is possible to escape from fire. Please be aware about this wherever you are on campus. This is special important if you are on campus om evenings and in the weekends.

If you have problems finding your way out in a fire- or escape situation, please call:

  • Fire station phone number 110, or
  • NTNU's NTNUs vektertjeneste (kveldstid/ helg) på tlf 918 97 373 (Gløshaugen) / 918 97 375 (Dragvoll).

Please save these numbers on your mobile phone.

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