Services for deaf or hearing-impared students

If you have a  hearing impairment, you can contact the appropriate person at your faculty or the Disability Office for help. You will be given advice and guidance regarding how the university can help accommodate your impairment. Norwegian version - Hørselshemming.

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Finding solutions for you #

Book a meeting with us at the Disability Office, and we'll sit down together and find the best solutions for you. Some of our special needs offers have an application deadline.

Accommodations during exams #

If you have a health problem or a disabilities you may have a right to have accommodations during exams. Remember to apply by the deadline! As a hearing impaired student you might get:

  • a sign language interpreter along with you (when starting up and the professor is around).
  • extra time.
  • in some cases you might also be concidered for another kind of examination. Contact us for further information.

Audio induction loops and IR equipment #

Use an audio induction look if you have hearing problems. A number of group rooms and auditoriums are also outfitted with IR equipment. You can borrow the equipment you need from the AV Services, email: av-tjenesten@adm.ntnu.no and Disability Office, email: tilrettelegging@st.ntnu.no for one semester at a time. If you have reduced hearing and do not use hearing aid, you can use your own hearing phone set together with this equipment.

Auditoriums and group rooms that have audio induction loops or IR equipment.

Sign language interpreters #

If you need a sign language interpreter, contact the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration's Interpreter service (in Norwegian). We recommend that you do this right after you are accepted to your university studies, because interpreters are in high demand.

Help with taking notes #

Someone taking notes for you might be helpful if your lectures are held in auditoriums without audio equipment to support you. The helper - who is also a student - takes notes for you. Book a meeting with us to discuss your needs for support.

Follow-up meetings #

You are always welcome to stop by at the Disability Office. We can give help and advice with your daily challenges as a student. Don't hesitate to make contact if you have questions or the need to talk. It's usually better to do it before the situation gets too difficult.

Escaping from fire #

We recommend that you check out accessible areas where it is possible to escape from fire. Please contact tilrettelegging@st.ntnu.no (Disability Office/NTNU Tilrettelegging) if you would like to get a notification on your mobile when the fire alarm sounds.

If you have problems finding your way out in a fire- or escape situation, please call:

  • Fire station phone number 110, or
  • NTNU's NTNUs vektertjeneste (kveldstid/ helg) på tlf 918 97 373 (Gløshaugen) / 918 97 375 (Dragvoll).

Please save these numbers on your mobile phone.

Inform your academic contacts #

The Disability Office can assist you in informing professors and other academic contacts about your special needs because of your hearing impairment.

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