SciFinder is one of many databases that provides access to research in chemistry and related fields such as biomedicine and materials technology. NTNU University Library provides access to SciFinder for employees and students at NTNU.

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Registration and login #

To be able to log in to SciFinder you need to create a user account and register with a user name and password. Please remember that you must provide your NTNU email address as part of the registration to prove that you are employed or studying at NTNU. Other email addresses will not be accepted.

After you complete the registration process you will receive an email from CAS with a link that must be confirmed within 48 hours. Click the link to confirm the registration.

Before you are given access to the database, you will be asked to confirm that you are an employee or a student at NTNU.

Other information #

  • When you access SciFinder, you have to accept some user conditions, amongst others confirm that you are a student or an employee at NTNU.
  • It is also written that you can contact the "SciFinder key contact" if you have questions about SciFinder.
  • Your local contact is Tove Knutsen (look below)
  • CAS info policy
  • User guide 

If you have questions concerning use of SciFinder Scholar, please contact: #

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