Salary negotiations

Salary is an important subject, and many people may want to discuss it. It is important to remember that we have established systems for salary negotiations.

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Salary negotiations #

The main collective agreement, called the Hovedtariffavtalen (HTA) in Norwegian, contains general salary and employment terms for government employees. The main collective agreement is made for a two-year period, in which the parties have a mutual right to demand a renegotiation of salary and employment terms for the second year of the agreement (temporary settlement).

Salary adjustments #

Adjustments of salaries for government employees are made through three central measures:

  • general increases
  • central adjustments
  • via local negotiations

The parties involved annually come to an agreement over which measure to use in terms of salary adjustments, and how extensive the negotiations and agreements should be.

Salary and employment terms for positions that the parties have agreed to exclude from the main collective agreement are administratively determined, cf. Hovedtariffavtalen pt. 1.1.3.

Assessment of salary after probation #

At the end of probation, the employer may reassess the employee's salary level.

Contact #

For more information about salary negotiations, please contact your supervisor or your union.

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